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YouTube’s April Fools

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Did you check out YouTube on Friday? If not then you definitely missed a great April Fools prank! In honor of April Fools Day, YouTube went back to 1911 to bring us the “most popular pictures on YouTube back in the day”.

The YouTube title was changed on the site to look like a classic movie sign, and they posted a collage of the top five pictures from 1911. The videos came complete with a black and white grainy quality!

What’s even cooler, in our opinion, is the ‘1911’button that was found on all the videos on the site. If you played a video and clicked the button  YouTube made the video a grainy sepia tone and added some upbeat silent-movie music!

We’re not going to lie, clips from Jimmy Kimmel overlaid with peppy music and a color filter is pretty funny…no to mention creative! So if you’re an avid ‘tuber’hopefully you got on and checked it out; some of your videos did the time warp!

We here at integratePR give YouTube’s prank a thumbs-up for sure! It’s creative and hilarious. Users are sure to enjoy it throughout the day. Are you a fan of the YouTube’s April Fools festivities?

YouTube\’s Top 5 Viral Pictures from 1911