What We’re Thankful for

This Thursday, there will be lots of food, family and friends for Thanksgiving. Many families like to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for, so we thought you all would enjoy getting to know the ladies of Integrate PR by seeing what each of us are thankful for at this special time of year.

Jessie Boone – Senior Account Executive:

  • I’m a big believer in the power of a good old-fashioned ‘thank you’, no matter the time of year. There’s no better way to show your gratitude than in a hand-written thank you note on personal stationery. It means more than a simple email, but still isn’t overkill, and you always remember receiving them!

Allie Herzog – Founder, President:

  • My amazing team of dedicated, passionate, loyal employees who work their butts off for our clients!  
  • Dropbox iPhone app to access documents on the go
  • Boxcar iPhone app so I can monitor tweets anytime and get alerts as needed
  • Partners/vendors that we can rely on to help our clients outside of our expertise

Stephanie Ignacio – Intern:

  • I’m thankful for finding work doing what I love to do!
  • Google – What did I do before it? Being able to settle trivial arguments about “who the lead actor in Wish Upon A Star was” is amazing!
  • [Hoping to be thankful for] a Texas win vs. A&M on Thursday!

Britney Mungia – Social Media Account Executive:

  • Hootsuite! Its effortless design and easy-to-build search feeds make my tweeting all the more better.
  • My Mac, because it’s so much better than a PC. wink
  • Dopbox (agree with Allie!) – It makes working from home or from a remote location that much easier.
  • Peaches the cat because even when she breaks my window blinds I still love her dearly.

Rebecca Otis –  

  • Twitter- I learn so much from this consumer-driven invaluable news source every day and have met clients, colleagues, and even friends because we connected on Twitter!
  • Blogging- Blogging helps me tell stories connected to life experiences and brands and allows me to capture my creative energy through writing
  • A supportive team that works WITH me and inspires me every day!
  • Good health, incredible people, and dessert.

Jenny Selber –Social Media Account Executive:

  • I’m grateful to not only work with a team of extremely talented and eclectic ladies, but to also be able to call my colleagues, my friends. 
  • Thankful to be able to work with fantastic non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses that are making Houston a better place. 
  • Speaking of Houston, I’m pretty in love with this city and am grateful to have fabulous friends and family with whom I can hit the town! 
  • My precious new pup, Erik. The cutest, feistiest English bulldog I know. 

Is there anything you’re especially thankful for this year?