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Tweet a Taxi

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As with any business, taxis must be held accountable for their bad service. Between the hassles of managing to get one on the phone, to the driver’s lack of a sense of direction, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where a cab was, allowing you to speak directly to the driver? Someone you trusted like a friend, who could come right to you, especially at those hard-to-find-peak-taxi-hours?

One Chicago man is doing just that; Rashid Temuri (better known as @ChicagoCabbie) has taken advantage of the power of social media by utilizing his twitter handle as a means of personally reaching out to his customers. His service is the epitome of a professional Twitter account – a transparent medium connecting a business to consumers. Travelers can track Temuri through Google Latitude and the Find My Friends app for iPhone so they can know exactly where he is to contact him for a ride.

Aside from ease of accessibility, Temuri brings a personal level of service to his passengers, apparently (we haven’t ever actually been in his taxi rides) he offers a friendly smile, free Wi-Fi (yes please!), and special discounts that he tweets every so often. Temuri often tweets them about their conversation (no, not like Taxi Cab confessions but as a great way of building loyalty with his customers!).  One look at his Twitter stream and one can see Temuri’s friendly nature -and why his passengers keep coming back.

Temuri differentiates himself by providing a solution for those customers who are frustrated with calling a company and not being connected with a driver. In addition, he has provided his distinction using free tools while larger car services put a steep price on the drivers who choose to post their whereabouts on social networks and connect with their clients online (no, we are not knocking Uber and want it in Houston more than the next person… we’re just stating the obvious..).

We salute you, Rashid, for utilizing free social media sources to bring excellent convenience and service to your customers. Now if only we could bring you to Houston…