March 12, 2014 By admin

Texas as a Tourist

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When the Rodeo comes to Houston, there is always an increased sense of Texas pride around town, you can even see it around the Integrate blog lately.  I’m excited to add to the patriotism, introducing Texans and non-Texans (yes, these exist), to San Antonio, home of my alma mater.

I attended Trinity University in San Antonio, where, at this time last year, I was Spring Break-ing with the best of them. The four years I spent in that colorful city hold a special place in my heart and most of the team knows this.

We have two Texas transplants in our office, Kaitlyn, from Mississippi, and Julia, from Alabama. While they have enjoyed their time in Houston thus far, they were curious to see more of the great state of Texas that we all rave about. As all Texans know, given its size and the way the weather here acts, you can drive clear across the state and experience virtually all four major climate types, so when I heard they were interested in making the short 3-hour trip to San Antonio this past weekend, I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to join them and find out what they thought of a city that, although just three hours away, is so different in every way.

The itinerary looked like this:

I love Houston and have enjoyed getting to know this fine city in the nine months I’ve been here, but there is something so lively and rich about San Antonio that sets it apart from other cities in Texas. The city has deep roots, and embraces its history.  It is also rapidly evolving; just in the ten months since I have left San Antonio, there are new structures and apartment complexes popping up all over – but the historic missions and landmarks, like Pearl Brewery, are being integrated into, and enhancing, the changing scene. Pick a beautiful day, and take a trip to San Antonio to “Remember the Alamo” and soak up a little bit of Texas history.

Written by: Allison Huseman