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Social Media News Flash!

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Well guys it’s Friday and with all the excitement in the air today, what with royal weddings (we know we weren’t up at 4:30 am, were you?) and space shuttle launches, you know the excitement must have found it’s way into the digital world.

So before you head for another hopefully fun-filled weekend, here is what you need to know:

Royal Wedding Breaks Live Streaming Records

The day Britain (and hordes of American girls) has been waiting for finally arrived! This morning Prince William married his long time girl friend, Kate Middleton. For those of us who weren’t dedicated enough to hop on a plane and fly to the U.K., watching it live online was definitely a great alternative. By 7:00 a.m. this morning the livestream had reached 300,000 concurrent views! Wow! Officials say they expect it will reach 2 million by the end of the event—surpassing the record 1.6 million who watched the World Cup last summer.

One Last Flight

The space shuttle Endeavor is set to launch today, it will be it’s final flight for the space shuttle program—the longest program in NASA’s history. Although in recent years NASA has taken to livestreaming online as well as leveraging Twitter, we thought it was worth mentioning in honor of it’s last flight. Handles to follow on twitter include @NASA, @NASAKennedy and @AstroIronMike. The astronauts and organization will be tweeting updates leading up to the launch and through the entire mission before the shuttle finally comes home.

Twitter Experiments

Twitter has recently taken to experimenting with third party text ads on its webpage. The ads can be seen underneath the ‘trends’ section. Previously this space had been allotted to links to other Twitter services, but it is now featuring for ads outside of Twitter, such as ABC News or NFL.com. The links to do not look like ads, unless you have access to the HTML code. Twitter has been trying to branch out its ad revenues within the past year. In November they added advertisements to individual user streams.

That’s your social media update. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we bring you updates and links on all things digital. And for those of you who missed the Royal Wedding…trust us, there is a ton of social media content online! Have a great weekend!