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Social Media Mania: The Royal Baby

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Now that the royal baby has officially left the womb, many are left to wonder, why did we care so much? The constant barrage of royal baby-related posts and tweets in the days (and even weeks) leading up to his birth was overwhelming. Why do all of the details of the arrival of this British baby matter so much to us? Apparently they matter a great deal to many of us here on the other side of the pond, including most of the team here at IntegratePR.

So what is it with this fascination? William and Kate, together with their baby, are like a fairy tale come true, and we can’t help but obsess. They are a fabulous, modern couple, and her surprisingly normal upbringing makes Kate that much more charming. Not to mention, a monarchy and royal family are foreign concepts to us.

 (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi)

People are absolutely captivated by celebrities in the states. Isn’t a royal baby a bigger deal to the general public than a celebrity baby with an outrageous name? This child will rule a country one day, after all.

The last time a royal baby was welcomed into the world, with Prince Harry, social media was far from relevant. This baby, however, had his name, gender and weight broadcast all over the world in a matter of seconds.

George Alexander Louis will face a challenge that no other royal child has ever faced: the phenomenon of an ever-present audience through social media. Prince Harry has had his share of rough patches with the media, and although William and Kate can do no wrong in the eyes of the public, they will undoubtedly want to protect their child’s privacy from the prying eyes of Twitter and Facebook. The family’s every move will be studied and scrutinized, from their choice in car seat to whether the baby prefers mashed bananas to smushed peas.

To you, royal baby George Alexander Louis, we wish luck in this fast-paced, social media ridden world.

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