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Social Legacy

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Earth Day was last week,  and while I was planting oak trees donated by my client, Grand View Builders, at a local school’s campus, something the principal said to the students really struck me. “We’re leaving a legacy behind for the generations to come,” he said.  He was talking about the 35 newly planted trees that will eventually grow to enhance the school’s campus, but it got me thinking about everything we do in the world of public relations and social media and what our end goal is. I realized that ultimately, we’re also leaving a legacy. A legacy for the businesses and brands we represent every day.

Many of our clients have legacies of their own already in place. Goode Company and Three Brothers Bakery have recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. M PENNER and GVB Custom Homes are both family-owned and operated businesses that the next generation will hopefully one day take over and carry on.

What Integrate does on a daily basis, going above and beyond to position our clients with the right voice and producing compelling communication solutions, is a legacy in our own right. We’re expanding beyond the brick and mortar locations of these businesses and creating a voice and a brand that will forever be accessible and expanded upon.

While we set goals and milestones for ourselves and our clients, there is never a stopping point. Everything we do has the same end goal: build momentum and get our clients ready for what’s to come, even if what’s to come is ten years away. When we reach the goals we set, whether they are big or small, we don’t stop. (Well, I guess we do stop to celebrate, but then it’s back to work to check off the next accomplishment!) We are continually pushing and growing to meet the next goal that will help our clients’ businesses and brands transform and cultivate into something bigger and better than they ever imagined, much like the oak trees I recently helped plant. While these trees are only three feet tall today, if they are nurtured and cared for over time, if they survive the endless summer heat, the icy winter days, powerful wind gusts and other obstacles that could prohibit their success, they will one day stand much taller and much stronger than they stand today.

So although it takes time and commitment and it sometimes feels like that goal is unattainable or out of reach, take a minute to look out your window and count the trees you see, because every one of those towering trees started from a single seed. A seed that persevered through it all to create a thing of beauty that generations past and generations to come will experience and enjoy.

Written by: Ashley Tucker