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Product Placement Gold

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When faced with hyper-marketable events like the Olympics, marketers need to think outside of the box in order to be seen above the crowd. While a marketing ploy may not be able to steal the spotlight from the Olympians themselves, creative campaigns can assure that products are seen as much as possible throughout the 17-day festivities. As we reported in our marketing showdown blog post, brands couldn’t go completely rogue, as the Olympic committee displayed very strict rules concerning what tactics would not be allowed at the games (for example, guerilla marketing is a no-go for non-sponsors). However, you may have noticed at the track and field events that some special couriers were shuttling javelins, discuses, shots and hammers during the Olympic track and field events.

BMW-Mini Cooper (one of the official sponsors of the games) created their “Mini Minis” to bring used field event supplies back to Olympians. The design is an exact remote controlled replica of an actual mini, to quarter scale. In the past, motorized boxes had been used instead!  We applaud BMW-Mini Cooper for seeing an opportunity and capitalizing on it in such a competitive space! By putting themselves in the spotlight they definitely win product placement gold from the Integrate judges!

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