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Meet the Team – Britney Munguia

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Have you ever wondered about the amazing team that helps IntegratePR continue to push out its amazing content and initiatives every day? Well you’re in luck, because now is your chance to meet the team! Each month we will showcase one of our fabulous employees so you can know a little bit more about what makes each Integrate employee tick.

This month, you’ll meet Britney Munguia, as I sit and chat about how she landed at the firm, her inspirations, quirks and slight coffee addiction.

How she got the job: From spring to summer of 2011 my life was a constant whirlwind — I graduated, received my diploma, ended my job at University Marketing, and began researching job opportunities in both Austin and Houston. After numerous interviews with start-ups and small businesses in Austin with no luck, my hopes were quickly dissipating. That is, until I got an interview with IntegratePR.

Allie and I met at a local coffee shop called Dominican Joe in Austin. Unlike many of my other interviews, our conversation flowed effortlessly. Allie was easy to talk with, and I felt like I could really open up and show her my true colors. We finished our coffee, parted ways and I headed home with my fingers crossed. I had a good feeling about this particular interview, but wasn’t going to get my hopes up just in case. A week later — coincidentally enough on my 23rd birthday — Allie called me up and gave me the good news. I hadn’t been this excited since receiving Backstreet Boys tickets for Christmas when I was 12.

Two weeks later I had relocated to Houston, moved back in with my mother (who was wonderful enough to put up with me for 3 months), had my wisdom teeth taken out, and started my new position with IntegratePR. And I can happily say that I’m still enjoying every minute of it all. The rest is history.

What’s your favorite thing about working in social media? Social media is constantly evolving, and that’s exactly what makes my job exciting. I get to learn the newest tools in the industry, attend “tweet-ups,” connect with new faces via online platforms, and the best part is that I’m always “in the know.” If you think desk jobs are boring, think again.

What is the best lesson that you learned working at IPR? The most crucial thing that I have learned while working at IntegratePR is learning how to communicate with an array of personalities. Some prefer doing so via e-mail, while others rely on the phone or face-to-face conversations.

What social media moment are you most proud of? I manage Salt Lick BBQ’s Twitter, and recently received this mention:  “@Cherie_Cobb: If you want an example of a co that does Twitter well, follow @SaltLickBBQ. Active, relevant, responsive to tweets, tasteful. Well done.” This tweet made me extremely happy because it shows that my hard work and dedication to my client is truly paying off.

Who is your role model/inspiration? This might sound weird, but I don’t have a single person that I look to for inspiration. I’d like to think that everything around me inspires me. Art, music, shooting a roll of 35mm film, going on adventures — Creativity inspires me.

What is one thing no one knows about you? I had my gall bladder removed when I was 18 years young. I’ve got some gnarly scars to prove it.

What’s on your desk? (Picture attached) From left to right: A Halloween beanie baby… It’s cute, okay? Play-doh is a must. Not only is it a stress reliever, but it’s fun to sculpt all kinds of things… like kittens. Pens, sharpies, gel pens and highlighters in every color are absolutely necessary —  I really like office supplies. Kitten notepad… I don’t need to explain myself. The last item is my Pier One owl mug, which is used approximately 3 times per day. You could probably say I have a slight addiction.