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Marshall and the Movies

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Marshall is the movie genius behind the blog, Marshall and the Movies, and aside from being a social media guru, Marshall provides in-depth reviews and behind the scenes mementos of Hollywood masterpieces. Marshall’s passion for the theater has taken him to some of the film industry’s most exclusive events including backstage at the Cannes Film Festival and the communications office for the Academy Awards.

Like every true movie buff and movie critic, Marshall attended the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and, along with a hard-to-come-by press pass, shared his insight with two features for Movie Mezzanine. His first article depicted trends of films at Sundance and how well they are received among the typical moviegoer. Marshall goes on to show how the festival’s featured films have changed through the decades and how the most recent shift is now “more daring and original voices outside the mainstream of white male filmmakers.”  Marshall tackled the characteristics of a male character in his second article for Movie Mezzanine, as well as how masculinity in movies has changed to show a softer side of men.

More recently, Marshall was given the opportunity to speak with Jake Gyllenhaal at this year’s SXSW Film about his new movie Demolition and cover the festival for the entirety of the first weekend. In this riveting piece, Marshall looks at the ways in which the festival is responding and adapting to the changing media environment. This article has already gained the attention of many, including the director of SXSW, who retweeted it.

With all the summer blockbusters coming out in the next few months, make sure to follow Marshall and the Movies for all of the latest reviews!