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Make Your Event Trendy!

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Remember back in the day when you were hosting an event or a party and you sent old fashion paper invitations? Afterwards you shared details of the events with friends and family that couldn’t be there. With the increasing popularity of Facebook and other social networking sites, paper invitations and traditional word-of-mouth are fading habits.

Sites like Punchbowl, Evite and Events on Facebook are the new, super-easy way to spread the word about upcoming events. This new trend can be a great asset to any event you may be planning, if you use it appropriately. Since Integrate has definitely used online evites for event promotions a time or two, we want to share with you some tips for getting the most out of event-related social online media!

Establish Your Channel

Make sure in the weeks before your event you identify exactly which sites you are going to leverage and how. Confirm event listings and which sites they will be posted to. Make sure you confirm invite lists and can distribute them to sites like Punchbowl in a timely fashion. Decide if you are going to leverage any word-of-mouth promotions through social networks, for example: offering 10% discount on admission for inviting 20 friends, as well as how you are going to get the word out about this. You want to maximize sharing of the links containing pre-event info.

Give your Publics a Means

Utilize online registration sites like Eventbrite and Eventful to make registering for an event easy and accessible. Sites like these can help maximize your attendance. It also helps spread the word through networks because many of the sites allow you to share events with friends or posts your registration in newsfeeds.

Checking In…the Digital Way

Leveraging check-in services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places will serve as an incentive, especially when there are badges and rewards involved. We all know that person who is OBSESSED with checking-in everywhere they go, why not capitalize on the growing popularity? We’ve previously blogged about the success of check-ins at events like this year’s Super Bowl; as Foursquare’s record check-in event, it proves the appeal check-in services offer an event.

Live Footage, or Rather, Tweets

Increase the effects of your events by updating a “play-by-play” of sorts at the event. Providing live-streaming updates through Twitter can help you reach people who could not attend but may be useful to connect with. Sharing images on Flickr and a post-event recap on Facebook will help get people engaged for future events. Piquing interest outside the actual event increases its shelf life by engaging a wider reach of people.

These are some key elements to think about when planning an event. More and more social media is playing a key role in how you generate awareness and event attendance. You don’t want your event to get left behind in the wake of those who successfully use social media! Stay tuned for some great events from Integrate Public relations clients and who knows…  you might just see these tips in action!