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Get Your Social Media #HireReady

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As you know, Integrate has been in hiring mode lately looking for our next social media rockstar. Looking for someone with the perfect amount of experience, who fits in with the short term and long-term needs of the company, is always a tough feat.

Our intern, Nancy, has been on the other side of this process lately, dedicating a good amount of time sending job applications as if it were an added class to her curriculum. Throughout this process, she couldn’t help but notice the importance of maintaining personal social media accounts. Her activity on socials has gone into hyper-drive to ensure she keeps them active, consistent and more importantly, hire-ready. Nancy has gathered a few tips for us on how to get personal social media presences ready for “hiring season.”

Don’t lose yourself

If I’ve learned one thing from interning and working in the creative industry it is don’t lose yourself on social media. Keeping your personality on socials is about letting others see the best version of the real you. Of course, it is important to show that you are interested in your industry and career-focused, but that doesn’t mean your social media activity should only include sharing #PRTips and news about the industry on all of your accounts. Employers want to see that yes, you are passionate about the industry and your school work, but also the real person that they are thinking about hiring and who they are, beyond their interest in the PR industry.

More importantly, they want to see if their potential new employee will be a good “fit” within the company. Company culture is a big deal, especially with PR firms and other creative fields. Trust me, you want to work somewhere that you’re comfortable and excited to go to everyday and with other employees that you’ll be able to work well with. Public Relations, especially at Integrate, is about teamwork and very rarely will you work on something on your own; your tasks will almost always contribute to the overall success of your team so make sure that team is one that you like.

Companies want to see your personality shine through your Instagram and Twitter and they’re going to ask themselves, “what sets this candidate apart from the rest?” and “is this someone who would contribute to our overall company culture.”

Clean It Up!

As you’re thinking about how you can let your personality shine through your socials, you should also be thinking about what might make it look unprofessional.. It might be time for you to do the ever-dreaded purge. Go through your tags on Facebook and make sure you’re not in any pictures that prospective employers might deem inappropriate or could portray a negative image. This is where “keep it professional” may be the most important thing to keep in mind. You’ve heard that you can never make another first impression, so let’s make that first impression count. An employer may get that first impression before they ever meet you from their initial findings across your visible socials; if the impression is negative, they will move on to the next candidate. You can also go ahead and take off your private settings from your Twitter and Instagram. It sends a bad message considering the industry we work in uses social media as one of the most valuable tools for marketing potential. They want to see candidates who use their personal social channels actively and strategically.

With all of this being said, social media is a powerful tool. It’s a way for professionals of all ages to network, grow relationships and reach out to the industry all-stars! Just remember that companies want to hire someone with a beaming personality, not a robot. Keep it professional and let your humor and creativity shine with every Instagram and tweet that you share with the world (in the right ways).

Have any additional tips to share with Nancy, a soon-to-be young professional or interested in joining the Integrate team?  We’d love to hear from you!


Written By Nancy Gutierrez