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Fredericksburg: A Utopia for Houstonians

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As someone who infrequently travels due to an unhealthy obsession with work, reality TV and my dog, this weekend, for the first time, I took a “relaxing,” “grown up” trip.  I had planned a weekend getaway to relax and drink a lot of wine in Fredericksburg, Texas, a quaint German town in the Hill Country that embodies everything Houston is not. With only about 11,000 residents in Fredericksburg, there are no chain restaurants (except for one Dairy Queen and a few pizza places), no Hailacab apps or traffic, and no pressure to be trendy and seen at the new “it” spot of our ever-changing Houston.

The best word to describe Fredericksburg is lovely. Everything about it is just lovely. I stayed two glorious nights in a little log cabin at the Chuckwagon Inn Bed and Breakfast (B&B’s dominate Fredericksburg, so don’t even bother thinking about staying in a hotel), which is owned by the nicest, most generous couple. It still blows my mind that the owners allow ten strangers to sit at their dining room table every morning and happily feed them a full, classic Southern breakfast. Can you see that happening in Houston? Me neither. If you venture out of your B&B, you’ll quickly discover that downtown Fredericksburg is adorable and something out of a storybook. “Main Street” is scattered with local stores, restaurants and antique shops, each with beautiful, perfectly decorated storefronts.

One of the most wonderful parts about Fredericksburg is its accessibility to the Hill Country wineries, which I was told rival Sonoma and Napa’s wine regions. If you want to go on a wine tour of the Hill Country, I highly suggest you opt for a limo or bus guided tour, as it will make your life about 8 million times easier. I signed up for Hill Country Wine Tours, which included transportation to four wineries, snacks and water on the limo (much appreciated), and the tasting fee at each vineyard. The four vineyards my group went to were Sister Creek Vineyards (with a pit stop afterward in Luckenbach where I rode a longhorn and watched a clogging class), Grape Creek Vineyards, Becker Vineyards and Messina Hof Winery. Each vineyard tour included six or eight generous “tastings” that I would classify as full glass of wine, with at least one “courtesy glass” of your favorite wine. The tour was perfect and similar to the town of Fredericksburg, felt like a dream (probably because I love wine).

The most interesting part of the weekend was that almost every person I met was visiting from Houston. Every Houstonian was there for the same reason: to get away from the city. Based on my own feelings as well as those of the people I met, Fredericksburg is a utopia for Houstonians. It’s like being in an alternate universe or going to your grandma’s house… Fredericksburg is comforting, loveable and purely delightful. It’s the perfect place to retreat to, as it’s only four hours away and is ridiculously relaxing. I drove back to Houston without a care in the world and the second I pulled into my apartment complex, I ached to be back in the lovely little bubble of Fredericksburg, Texas.