July 11, 2013 By blogging

Facebook Introduces New Features

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Facebook has been dominating the social media scene the last month with the introduction of all sorts of new bells and whistles. First, they announced that last year’s investment, Instagram, will now have a video feature. Users can create 15-second videos via Instagram, with the option to utilize one of Instagram’s signature filters for an artsy effect! Then Facebook rolled out a new feature for sorting comments. The new comment sorter allows those accounts that have hundreds of comments to more easily monitor and respond to other users, with popular comments appearing at the top as opposed to chronologically with the “reply to comment” element. Additionally, what began as poking fun at Twitter has now become an official Facebook installation: the hashtag, opening up a whole new can of worms of how to appropriately hashtag for businesses. #itseverywhere.

These are all great features, but I’m here to talk about the latest addition to the Facebook arsenal: Graph Search. The new search allows you to utilize your friends list for everything from discovering more distant, obscure connections and viewing photos to finding a local bar or locating popular businesses.

If you get as overwhelmed as I do when it comes to deciding on a restaurant for dinner, for example, this could be an answer to your anxiety. With the endless selection of outstanding dining we have in this city, it’s easy to get lost in the options. I went to my search bar and typed in “Restaurants in Houston, TX my friends like”, and lo and behold! Any restaurant in Houston one of my friends has ever liked appears, it’s almost like a personal Facebook concierge! The web of information you can access through your friends list is endless… and a little bit creepy.

I also searched for “My friends that like Movies and live in Houston, TX”, and it returned integratePR’s very own Jenny Selber and Ashley Tucker, among other buddies. So now I know who I can force to go see Despicable Me 2 with me, because let’s be honest, who can’t get enough of those lil’ minions??

And now for a word of warning: be careful what you like. It seems like we are being constantly reminded to check our privacy settings because Facebook has changed its features and formatting once again. With the new graph search, this is as important as ever. Because this search feature is so in-depth, I would seriously recommend combing through your privacy settings as carefully as possible to make sure you know what other people can see about you. Seriously, anything you have ever liked, commented on, or posted, including photos, is fair game for graph search if you’re not careful – and to more people than just your friends.