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Driving to Success

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Hope everyone had a great three-day weekend! We know we sure enjoyed the break—we needed the breather to play catch-up. Things keep getting busier and busier here at integratePR (not that we’re complaining!), hence why we’ve missed a few blog posts. We know you’ve missed us and we have missed interacting with you too! We’re slightly embarrassed we’ve let this slide, so let’s get back into the swing of things with something we DID do right, an integratePR success story that we are incredibly proud of.

One of our first clients was (and still is!) a local car dealership here in Houston. When we initially joined forces, the dealership wanted to be positioned as the most innovative and web-savvy car dealership in Texas. They wanted to increase their online presence and provide an added benefit to consumers throughout the car buying process.

To help our client achieve this goal we began by using a traditional word-of-mouth approach paired with strategic social media tools to successfully execute several campaigns to generate buzz. Since the client wanted to improve the consumer experience, we knew it was important to continually engage with dealership customers.

We maintained this engagement by increasing the company’s social media activity online buzz through developed strategic social media content, including an offline scavenger hunt, weekly chats, dealership news, Q & A sessions with auto experts and promotional giveaways through the company’s social media accounts. We also engaged traditional media outlets in a public relations campaign to enhance reach and attract potential customers.

We also developed some engaging Twitter campaigns to encourage customer feedback and gain media attention. With the @DrivingAHonda Campaign Allie drove around Houston in a Honda Insight for four months with a decal on the back that read, “Follow me on Twitter @DrivingAHonda. Did you see her on the roads? How could you miss it!?

She communicated with eco-friendly activists, social media enthusiasts and local companies for assistance in her campaign.

The dealership hosted a scavenger hunt where Allie drove to 13 locations around Houston, over 450 miles, in 12 hours on one tank of gas (only 9 gallons!) to show off the hybrid’s capabilities. This garnered significant media attention including a write up in the Houston Business Journal, radio mentions, blog pickup and over 250 re-tweets on Twitter.

This is a great success story for us because not only have we been able to help the client achieve their goal of increased web presence and consumer engagement, but we also developed creative strategies to do so! This client is a prime example of how the out-of-the-box thinking here at integratePR can prove both effective and fun—for the client and consumers alike!