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The online dating phenomenon has become quite mainstream these days. It’s very possible that you know or have known one or two people that actively online date, or date through things like Tinder and Grouper. They may have even met their spouse through online dating. But have you ever heard of someone meeting, and consequently dating, through Instagram? The IPR team hadn’t… until now.

The photo-sharing app that makes everyone an artist, Instagram, has swept the country by storm. Hidden among the pictures of pets, food and landscapes is a love story. So how can a picture of a majestic mountain view lead to a lifetime of happiness? BuzzFeed shares the picturesque story.

Last year, an Instagram user posted a picture of a landmark she had recently visited. A male follower of hers commented that he had been there as well, and then the back-and-forth commenting never stopped. They exchanged numbers, and she eventually flew to his hometown to meet him, and their interactions led to a photogenic proposal nine months later.

The power of social media is growing. Instagram has over 150 million users and is growing daily; meaning the number of connections you can potentially make with people is also skyrocketing. That also means that we are able to communicate our message, and our client’s messages, to an increasingly growing number of people, as well.

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