February 18, 2014 By blogging

Another Saved Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has completely turned into a holiday, and restaurants, Hallmark and flower shops are taking full advantage.  The weeks leading up to February 14th were annoying and somewhat miserable because I could not walk into a supermarket or Target without being reminded of this “holiday” and subsequently, my non-existent relationship.

Luckily, I had another saved V-Day this year.  The amazing Integrate Public Relations ladies planned an office valentine exchange (elementary style with paper valentines and candy).  As an office, we celebrated a day early, but nonetheless it was a blast.  Integrate PR’s culture is second to none and I couldn’t have asked for any better valentines!

Additionally, February 14th actually turned out to not be a disaster either.  My sweet dad had Tiff’s Treats delivered to the Integrate Public Relations’ office for me. For all the men out there, chocolate is the way to a woman’s heart.  My night was spent with my best friend watching the second season of House of Cards on Netflix, and although we didn’t accomplish every step on Cafe Adobe’s Single Girls Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day, we did enjoy some delicious margaritas.  Needless to say, this past Valentine’s Day was one for the books.

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Written by: Julia Parsons