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Why Your Infographic is Going Out of Style

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I recently was shopping for a new jacket, and I came across this incredibly nice, modern-cut navy blazer on the clearance rack. I stood there puzzled, wondering how this item – which was clearly made with fine craftsmanship and quality – didn’t get snatched up a while ago; certainly something must be wrong with it. After trying it on, I quickly noticed the bright white patches on the elbows of the jacket. I thought to myself, “why would this designer go to the trouble of making this item if it clearly wasn’t going to sell?” I was fairly certain this jacket was made recently, by a designer I tend to frequently purchase from, and it certainly hadn’t been sitting on the rack since the 80’s – I hope. It was really a shame, as this item had definitely taken some time to make. The reality is, this was a bold idea that I’m sure was predicted to turn out a winner, but much to the designer’s dismay, the public didn’t see it that way. So back on the rack it went.  

Unfortunately, creating content online can lead to very similar results. The problem is the amount of time and work you put into it doesn’t always equal the amount of time and work you get out of it.  Although it may seem like an awesome idea in our heads – destined to result in media attention, traffic, leads – the hard reality is that the public may not see it that way.

This is especially painful in when creating something as labor-intensive as an infographic. An infographic typically represents information in a graphic format, and is designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance. There is usually a lot of planning that is involved with creating one of these. Whether it’s coordinating with a graphic designer, brainstorming what data to show or simply sifting through a spreadsheet to find the best possible figures, it’s tough work.

Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to be a bit more formulaic when creating an infographic. The folks at Hubspot have cracked the code and put together this great guide to making highly shareable content – helping you rake in more views and conversion opportunities.

So what better way to explain how to create a successful infographic – than with an infographic! By following these tips, you may end up with a product that’s much more likely to get shared and less likely to end up on the rack.

Written by: Sonny Patten