October 9, 2018 By BriteIdea

Creative Digital Marketing Tips for Customer Retention and Business Promotion

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Creative Digital Marketing Tips for Customer Retention and Business Promotion

According to Big Commerce, 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, and 96% of anyone who has shopped, ever, has made an online purchase. Those numbers are too big to ignore! So how do you capitalize off of the majority of consumers who will be shopping at the convenience of their fingertips in the upcoming holiday season?

Here are our Top 5 creative marketing tips for customer retention and promoting your business to online shoppers.

  1. Customer Experience is critical for winning over the customer in an experience-led market. Be sure to offer new, innovative ways to connect with your customer and improve their shopping experience online. For example, send a simple card with instructions to post and tag them in your new wears, offer a discount code for their next purchase or an incentive for their honest review.
  2. Paid retargeted ads are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. What better way to win back lost sales then delivering products and promotions to those who have already expressed interest in your brand? With dynamic retargeting pixels on both social media and Google Ads, you can now cater your retargeting ads to display appropriate messaging based on the platform the ad is being served, and the timing of which the ad is served. Following the customer’s journey and reminding them to complete that abandoned cart, or purchase the product they researched for X amount of time can increase your sales by 17%! But don’t forget, there is an art to this strategy, and it’s essential to time out when these ads are delivered, so you don’t bombard potential customers and annoy them with over delivering.
  3. Make your product easy to share – Drive traffic and boost online sales by adding social share buttons on your website or product pages, so your customer has the opportunity to send their network of followers your way. Another easy way to get new customers is by having your current buyers post for you! Add in offer referral bonuses to encourage customers to share with their network. You can do this by slipping an instruction card for network sharing and tagging or by sending details in your shipping status.
  4. If you haven’t already, enable shopping on Instagram! Being able to allow your shopper to buy directly from your feed is vital in this digital age. Not only will this boost your sales, but it will show your customer that you are where they are and want to make shopping convenient for them. Try adding products to your Instagram posts and stories, tagging them with your products and turn followers into sales!
  5. Start an influencer campaign. A trending marketing strategy for retailers, aligning influencers with an engaging audience (make sure they represent your target audience!) with your brand can contribute to your own growth and sales. Make sure you read our 3 steps to an Influencer Strategy for tips on how to integrate them with purpose, before getting started!