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Think Outside The Box, Riddle Edition

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We work in an industry that is charged with the task of making brands and businesses stand out among massive amounts of clutter. Thinking outside the box is a must when it comes to PR and social media today. It’s important to think smarter, not harder. Take a step back and look at a problem or task from another angle and you just might figure out a new, better way to tackle the issue.

I tend to learn by seeing and doing, so I’m sharing a few riddles with you that should help you practice this new approach.

Riddle One

You have a round cake, preferably one from 3 Brothers Bakery, like the one below. You also have a knife. Using your knife, make three cuts that divides the cake into eight pieces. Hmm…tricky, right?

Your instinct is to cut the cake down the middle twice making an X and then diagonally. If you do that, you only create six pieces. Remember, you need eight pieces.

If you take a step back and look at the the cake at eye level, try cutting the cake down the middle making an X, but for your third cut instead of going diagonal, cut the cake in half horizontally so you create a top and bottom. You’ve just make eight slices!

Riddle Two

You have a car with just two seats. You’re driving down the road and see three people stranded on the side of the road. You stop to help them, but know you only have one seat in your car.

The first person is an elderly lady who needs a ride to the hospital. The second person is your dear friend who saved your life and now you owe him and the third person is your dream soul mate. Who do you pick up?

Do you help the elderly, do a favor for your dear friend who you owe or pick up your soul mate and live happily ever after? The choice is impossible. The answer? Give your friend the keys to your car, let him drive the elderly lady to the hospital and stay stranded on the side of the road with your soul mate.

It’s imperative that you remember every situation has more than one solution. While it’s easy to jump to the most obvious conclusion, try taking a step back and see if you can find a new solution. Jump outside of the box, even if it takes you a little longer. You just might find a more creative way to stand out in the crowd. I hope you enjoyed these riddles and that they get your creative juices flowing. Until next time!

Written By Ashley Tucker