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Nerding Out and Why You Should Too

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Confession time: I’m a nerd. Right now, I have a Game of Thrones and Supernatural figurines on my desk. If I had more room, I would have so many more. Actually, if I may be honest, most of the IPRockstars are nerds. Allison brings a Star Wars lunchbox to work. Ahna knows literally everything about Harry Potter. Julianne can talk about Game of Thrones with the best of them and Ashley is a huge Hunger Games fan. Then of course, Mary recently went to NASA and it really doesn’t get much nerdier than that! We’re all a little nerdy and that’s what keeps our creative brains constantly churning! With Comic-Con last weekend, I got to thinking about why nerds are awesome and why we all need to let our nerd flags fly free.


1)   Excitement. Nerds aren’t afraid to get excited about anything! Nothing is too mundane; nothing is too intense. We love the details. Ask a nerd if Han Solo shot first (He did. Anyone who says he didn’t is a liar) and you can see how invested nerds are. Or ask any Harry Potter fan what the differences are from book to movie adaptation and you will have a pretty solid idea of how excited nerds get about the details.


2)   Creativity. It’s silly for me to say nerds are creative. It’s pointless because who else besides a nerd would create such vast and different worlds like Panem, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, etc.? Fans of these intricate fantasy worlds are daydreamers and imaginative. This type of creativity and enthusiasm is definitely something I love in my colleagues. We have all brought different ideas to our brainstorming sessions that have been rooted in something a little nerdy and surprisingly, some of them work!


3)   Social Media. #SDCC was my entire Twitter feed last weekend. Sure publications like Empire and EW were posting about Comic-Con, but then so was Business Insider. Social media allows nerds to SHINE. #SDCC started trending on Wednesday and it is still going. Over the weekend, Comic Con had 1.7 million mentions on social media mentions. That’s a lot of mentions! We are definitely trying to find opportunities for our clients to be involved in the nerd world. Our clients, Lone Star Cab, appealed to the nerd fans by offering rides to Comicpalooza in May and UNlimiters has some products that look like they are straight out of Star Wars.

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Written by: Kaitlyn Dubose