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Last Friday the Integrate team took a break from the daily grind, turned our conference room into a theater and spent the day watching the Leadercast seminar conference. This all day TED-talk style webinar featured many of the top leaders from a variety of industries to shared ways to be a game changer in your industry by being brave. Below are a few quotes that had an impact on me.

Peyton Manning- Quarterback for the Denver Broncos

“Set goals to motivate yourself; but they should contribute to help everyone.” Individual goals are great, but you need to keep the bigger picture in mind as well. Make sure that the goals you are working towards are in the best interest of the team, not just yourself.

“You can’t lead until you’ve earned the respect of those you’re leading.” Manning spoke about how others will not follow your leadership until they can trust you. Once you have gained their trust and respect, then you can begin to lead.

Seth Godin – American author, entrepreneur and public speaker.

“It is always too soon for a new idea. You can be prepared, but never be ready.” Many people are afraid to make a change because they feel that they are not ready or that it is not the best time. However, there is no better time than the present to make a change.

“Do some work that matters.” It is important to find something that you are passionate about and find a way to make an impact. Whether this is in your professional career or in your personal life, you will be more driven to complete the task and make a lasting impact when you truly care about your cause.

Rudy Giuliani

“If you want to be a leader, you have to be able to communicate your idea to others.” The most effective leaders know how to convey their point of view to others. If you can clearly and effectively articulate your point of view, others will be more inclined to listen and follow your opinion.

“To be a great leader you have to be an optimist, but not a fool.” As a leader it is important to always be looking for a positive solution to the problem. Your attitude is contagious and others will follow you, so it is important to remain positive even when things get difficult. However, it is also important to be realistic and to see the bigger picture. You need to be prepared to change course at any times and make informed decisions. Trial and error is necessary in any industry, but you can also save yourself time if you take an extra beat and make sure you are making a strategic decision.

Overall, the message was clear from all of the speakers: if you want to make a change you must be bold and take action. As someone who is inclined to follow more than lead, this challenge resonated with me, as I feel inspired to speak out more and to be bold in the workplace. This is something easier said than done, but I, just like all of the other speakers, have been called to be one of the brave ones.

Written By Ryan Cantrell