August 23, 2017 By BriteIdea

Identify Quality Leads to Focus Your Marketing Efforts

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Identify Quality Leads to Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Lead generation is an important way to keep new customers coming in, but not all leads are created equal.

Brands often benefit from reaching out to consumers who have a vested interest in their products, but how do you find these eager individuals to generate new leads and make a sale? With some extra effort, you can attract them to your company with targeted marketing.

Use these tips to generate quality leads and leverage targeting marketing, both digitally and in real time.

Meet Consumers Where They Are

On top of the traditional marketing you do, make sure you are visible to consumers who are in need of products and services like the ones you offer. Take your sales pitch out to trade shows, conferences, meetings of influencers in the market and area events to find new potential customers.

With features like targeted audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn and Geofilters on Snapchat, you can also meet customers where they are on social media.

Develop Leads on Social Media Channels

It’s easier than ever before to see how consumers are interacting with your content on social media. With the dawn of the Facebook Reaction buttons ranging from “Wow” to “Angry,” all you have to do to see a response on social media is hover over users’ names.

Listen and be responsive on all of your social media channels to answer questions and comments, and to engage viewers to see how far they will go with your brand. With excellent customer service, you may be looking at your next quality lead.

Make Consumers an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Everyone needs a call to action to maximize marketing efforts, so take some time to evaluate the actions you’re using for your brand. Offering quotes and free downloads like whitepapers and newsletters with the inside scoop on your industry can really draw customers in. If you take this marketing tactic a step further, you can work to solve a problem for the consumers who are engaging with your company.

Save them time, money or headaches by providing an assessment or a real solution in your free materials to get ahead of the curve. They may be so impressed with the information in your call to action that they decide your product or service is an offer they can’t refuse.

Taking these actions to generate leads will help you reach people who are actively looking for services like yours to find warm leads. You can take customers who have demonstrated an interest in your brand to your social media channels and beyond, as they accept your call to action and go on to generate your next sale.