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Influencers in Real Estate Marketing

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Three Tremendous Tips for Supplying Spectacular Sensations and Robust Results with Influencers

If the “Paleesi Incident” has taught us anything, it’s that not all influencers are created equal. More specifically, it’s affirmed to the real estate marketing experts at Integrate Agency that they’re using influencers effectively and to drive real results for their clients.


On the surface, connecting influencers with one of your clients in a mutually beneficial relationship seems rather simple. To generate buzz among the influencer community, partner with high-end local bloggers on a recurring basis to host their blog photoshoots and allow them to use different areas of your client’s development as a backdrop. Find people with substantial online followings who share similar aesthetics and demographics with your client, give them some exclusive access to your client’s product or service, and then stand back to watch the clicks roll in.

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency

But achieving true success with influencer campaigns requires creative thinking, innovative branding, and deep strategic alignment. Just ask our friends at Kirby Collection.


#1 Know What Really Sets Your Client Apart

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency

Since our first visits with Kirby Collection, Integrate has been in awe over its wow-worthy pool. Sure, most luxury complexes will have some sort of water area, but few facilities in Houston can compare with the pure decadence on display. We knew instantly that any campaign we created – influencer or otherwise – must make the pool a focal point in some fashion.


So, when it came time to pitch opportunities to influencers, we centered everything around what could be possible at the pool. The design of the pool area in conjunction with the wider amenities of the complex meant that the possibilities were nearly endless:

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency


Each influencer brought her own personality to Kirby Collection, and like any good storyteller would recommend, it was all about the showing and not telling.


#2 Go Beyond the Photo Opportunity


With any great influencer campaign, your client and the influencer as completely aligned on audience and target demographic. But if you want to take your real estate marketing efforts to the next level, you must go beyond simply creating cool photo opportunities. It’s really what you do with that opp that matters. You must clearly outline exactly what you want from the influencer to get the most you can out of the partnership.

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency

As you might have noticed above, each campaign highlighted a different area of the building, while still showcasing that pool whenever possible (however subtle). This was executed strategically across influencers and at a high level with the client, as it was crucial the campaigns worked together to show different areas rather than several that accomplish the same thing.


These photo opportunities created instant user-generated content and lifestyle-worthy photos for each influencer’s personal use. Kirby Collection then used for active engagement with the influencers’ followers, stepping beyond mere comments on Instagram feeds to contact people directly with floor plans, offers, and more.


#3 Match Your Audience with Your Client’s Goals


To create truly long-lasting value with your influencer campaigns, you must ensure that your client has clear objectives and that you’re putting their message in front of the right people.

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency

In the case of Kirby Collection, the property was facing a challenge with leasing its townhomes. We designed our aforementioned influencer outreach efforts as a positive narrative around these units. We felt they were super cool, but we knew they would truly appeal to a smaller, more niche audience in the greater Houston, TX market.


We specifically sought out influencers who would attract the pool of buyers sought by Kirby Collection, right down to targeting specifically for location, income, and demographics. From there, we showcased what made the property truly unique factors: amenities, floorplans, service, interior design, unique architecture, views, fixtures, finishes, and that lovely pool.


Bringing Kirby Collection to Life


Through these combined efforts, the results in Q2 of 2018 alone were beyond our wildest dreams:

Harness the Real Power of Influencers in Real Estate Marketing | Integrate Agency


Influencers can make a big difference in your real estate marketing, but it takes dedication, attention to detail, and maximizing the content the influencers create so it drives value to all parties involved.


Check out our work to see other examples of the great work we can do for your business. If you like what you see, let’s talk!