Premier Glass Austin

With over a decade of experience, Premier Glass creates affordable, top-quality custom glass shower enclosures in the Austin area.


After assisting experienced glaziers for years, the founder and owner of Premier Glass Austin decided to specialize in his passion: creating beautiful, structurally sound glass shower enclosures. Since 2016, Premier Glass Austin has lived up to its name, growing into the premier glass shower specialist in the Austin area. Top-of-line products, personalized design, and expert installation have contributed to their impressive growth over the past decade.

The Challenge

When Premier Glass Austin approached us, the company already had a digital marketing strategy in place. Our goal was to amplify the most successful aspects of its approach while identifying expenditures that no longer contributed to the company’s growth. We wanted to dramatically increase Premier Glass Austin’s client base through targeted digital advertising.

The Approach

Our pay-per-click (PPC) team devised a plan to level up Premier Glass Austin’s advertising strategy. The initial audit revealed ways in which the Google Ads account setup could be improved to manage the company’s budget while maximizing the reach of its campaigns.

The Execution

Based on the results of an exhaustive audit, we updated all of the existing keywords to account for changes in Google’s algorithm, which allowed us to expand the campaign and use the company’s advertising budget more wisely. Through careful monitoring and A/B testing, we were able to refine Premier Glass Austin’s ad strategy. The results were impressive.

The Results

From 2019 to 2021, we doubled the company’s sales. Lead submissions increased by 23%, and the conversion rate rose from 1.84% to 2.58%. Equally important – we lowered the cost to acquire from $189 to $135, thereby maximizing Premier Glass Austin’s budget.

In 2021, the company’s founder was thrilled to realize that he had already surpassed his sales goals for that year. “This is happening because of the work y’all have put into our marketing,” he said. “We couldn’t have grown like this without all of y’all!” 

These are the kinds of successes we live for at Integrate. Exceeding our clients’ growth goals? *Chef’s kiss.* It doesn’t get better than that.


This project reinforced our belief in the importance of regular campaign monitoring. Successful digital ad campaigns require constant oversight and testing to reach their full potential.