Frankel Building Group

The leading custom home builder in Houston, Frankel Building Group takes a holistic approach to the home design and build process. The company offers land acquisition, award-winning architecture, construction, interior design, home care, and custom pool design services.


For the past 30 years, Frankel Building Group has suffused Houston’s residential landscape with stunning custom dream homes. In 2010, the company transitioned to producing only LEED-certified structures, making their houses more energy-efficient and sustainable without increasing costs. Their BuildFBG company streamlines the home design process by offering a curated selection of customizable design features. AVEA Pools is another Frankel brand that designs and installs gorgeous modern pools. With Frankel Home Care, clients continue to enjoy Frankel’s signature customer service by way of ongoing home and pool maintenance.

The Challenge

The breadth of Frankel’s services allows the company to develop lasting relationships with its clients. Through an in-depth audit, however, we found that the current website did not sufficiently address the needs of each user, the different types of customers, or efficiently direct them to relevant points of contact.

The Approach

In order to direct website traffic more strategically, we developed dedicated conversion-oriented sites for each line of the business, allowing us to expand and market each brand individually. Our web design and search engine optimization teams worked together to create delightful, intuitive user experiences that reduced friction and facilitated customer acquisition. Integrate’s paid social team targeted audiences on multiple social media platforms, testing and refining their advertisements to attract customers at their specific stage of the buyer’s journey. And our brilliant PR team generated tons of coverage for the build-design company.

The Execution

We began by creating unique sites for each brand — Frankel Building Group, Build FBG, and AVEA Pools — so that we could segment Frankel’s audience and thereby deliver hyper-targeted messages to its existing and prospective clients. Every website was designed to put the spotlight on beautiful homes, encourage content exploration and highlight opportunities to schedule initial consultations. While the brands were partitioned according to service type, we emphasized Frankel’s unifying philosophy: that the design experience should be streamlined in order to minimize friction and eliminate stress. 

Our key areas of focus during the website redesign included creating a more cohesive site architecture, updating and redirecting URLs, and reorganizing site navigation. All of these structural enhancements made the sites easier to navigate and understand. In order to attract visitors, our SEO team conducted an audit of existing content, identifying gaps in high-ranking keywords and messaging. By creating new landing pages for specific services, a resources section, and a blog, we dramatically increased the site’s visibility to search engines and, more importantly, to clients.

After establishing Frankel’s new-and-improved web presence, our paid social and PR teams went to work. Social media advertising allowed us to pinpoint our target audience, exposing them to Frankel’s beautiful portfolio and discovering the most common engagement paths. Traditional PR proved equally successful, with placements secured in television, print, and digital media.

The Results

As a result of Integrate’s marketing strategy, Frankel Building Group reported less confusion among customers during initial sales meetings, which was the presidents’ primary goal. Segmenting the company’s brand identities allowed the sales team to take a more targeted approach, which benefited the entire company.

In June 2019, prior to the redesign and segmentation of the website, the site received 3,639 visitors. In January 2021, website traffic was up to 22,180 visitors (combined traffic for the 3 websites) — a whopping 447% increase. Our PR team secured 43,749,335 impressions and 50 pieces of coverage from April 2019 to October 2020 in outlets such as Houstonia, the Houston Chronicle, Paper City, Houston Business Journal, Dujour, and HGTV.


The results of our work for Frankel Building Group strengthened our conviction that omnichannel marketing produces superior results. Our integrated web design, SEO, advertising, and PR teams worked hand-in-hand to deliver cohesive brand messaging across multiple channels, resulting in increased traffic and customer acquisition for an already thriving design-build company.