Chariot Energy

A new kind of power company for a new kind of customer.

The Client

In the past, green energy was reserved for those who could afford it. Chariot is busting that myth wide open. Created by 174 Power Global, a leading solar and energy storage project developer in North America, Chariot Energy makes sustainable living achievable for all by offering affordable prices on solar energy.

The Obstacle

With the task of penetrating an overly saturated market like retail electricity, we wanted to transform an underdog company into a household name with thousands of customers. More specifically, we wanted to:

  • Increase organic traffic in a market where most consumers already have a provider
  • Win customers as an exclusive provider of solar energy
  • Become an authority and resource for renewable energy and sustainable living

The Approach

Our team created a four-pronged approach that included creating engaging content that was optimized for SEO, conversions and engagement; educated customers; and benefitted the user experience – putting Chariot on the map for consumers. We implemented our strategy through:

  • Engaging content optimized for SEO – Our SEO and content team worked in tandem to create truly impactful content that will get noticed by humans and search engines alike.
  • Optimized content to convert – Not only did our SEO team get Chariot noticed, we also created content that turns visitors into customers. 
  • Content that engages and educates customers – It’s not enough to simply convert customers. Our team left no stone unturned, creating content that keeps users engaged and search engines ranking pages high. 
  • An optimized user experience – Your site’s only as good as how a user experiences it. From the content flow to page speed, our team ensured Chariot’s website was both user-friendly and technically sound.

The Results

After a year of hard work, our approach yielded impressive results. Chariot Energy’s place in the market was carved out as shown by the numbers: 

  • Number of No. 1 Rankings in SERPs — 10
  • Average conversion rate for transactional pages — 2.2%
  • Average time on page for Chariot University for 2020 — 4 minutes, 10 seconds
  • 46,876 total page views of blog posts in 2020
  • Average time on page for the blog in 2020 — 4 minutes, 48 seconds