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American Veterinary Group

Animal Medical Clinic at St. John’s Movers Campaign.

The Client

American Veterinary Group (AVG), owns and operates eight veterinary clinics in Florida. While each clinic under the AVG umbrella maintains their own brand and unique voice, AVG caters to local pet owners who are looking for local, reliable, and personal care for their “fur babies.”

The Obstacle

AVG’s business is primarily hyperlocal, with patients typically located within a 3-5 mile radius from their clinics. Their new customers have come from one of three sources: either new movers, new pet owners, or people who have had a bad experience with another vet. Historically, AVG has relied on word of mouth, their physical location, and mailers to acquire new customers. After finding little success with mailers in the past, AVG was in search of a partner that could help bolster their acquisition efforts. When AVG approached Integrate to help attract new patients to their Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns location in Florida, we knew a hyper-targeted movers campaign would be their best bet.

The Approach

Our strategy was to craft a direct mail movers campaign focused within a 10-mile radius of the clinic, as research showed pet owners don’t usually travel more than this for care when they live in the city.

From there, we developed a detailed list of attributes for our target audience, such as cat and dog enthusiasts, people who have bought pet food and pet supplies in the last year, pet-owners who moved in the last 12 months, and so forth.

We worked in tandem with the clinic to develop promotional offers for movers, designing mailers and creating content specific to pet-owners.

Over a four-month period, we did several different direct mail campaigns, A/B testing the design and content to continue serving the most relevant ad.

We closely measured the results and tested our target audiences.

The Results

  • 35% increase in patients for the clinic, compared to the same period the previous year
  • 115% increase in visits in one month alone
  • Of that growth, 62% was matched back to the direct mail campaign
  • The clinic is projected to see more than 80% return on investment