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What Does the Future Hold for Power & Utilities in Texas?

Brought to you by Integrate Agency, Tilting The Grid 2021 explores the lasting effects of Winter Storm Uri on the electricity market

The Texas Black-Swan Blackout: What Happens Now?

In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri swept through the Lone Star State, leaving millions without power, water or food as the state scrambled to conserve power and prevent long-term devastation to the electricity grid. Failure to adequately winterize generation facilities ultimately led to dozens of deaths, ranging from carbon monoxide poisoning and car crashes to drownings, house fires and hypothermia.

So, what happens now? We gathered industry leaders from across the state, including former chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and ex-officio board member of ERCOT, to discuss what happened, why it happened and what will happen nowto retail electric providers and utilities to ERCOT itself. Erin Douglas, the environment reporter for the Texas Tribune, moderated the panel.

Meet the Moderator and Panelists

  • Erin Douglas

    Environment Reporter, Texas Tribune

  • Becky Klein

    Principal, Klein Energy LLC

  • Cameron Palmore

    CEO, Almika Energy

  • Don Whaley

    President, OhmConnect Texas LLC

Watch the Full Session Here