Social Media

Cultivating an Engaging Digital Presence that Deliver Results

In an office full of communications experts who specialize in social media engagement and online messaging tactics, Integrate knows that social media trends and platforms change almost as frequently as your Instagram feed. By staying up-to-date on the latest developments and forecasting what is to come, we can create and execute calculated social media campaigns that support your business goals.

Our Social Media Team Specializes In:

  • Developing strategies and award-winning campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Creating memorable and engaging content
  • Effectively utilizing social media to create, listen to, and engage in conversations
  • Generating leads (such as email subscribers) through strategic advertising campaigns
  • Partnering with online influencers with similar audiences to develop mutually-beneficial relationships and cross-promote to one another’s online audiences
  • Measuring our results to learn where we can improve and optimize our efforts to deliver more value to our clients
  • Reputation management on sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Places and more

Content Creation

With the daily inundation of social media content at our fingertips, breaking through the noise of you target audience’s newsfeed can be challenging. Our team of social media experts live and breathe all things social, and they pride themselves on staying on top of new trends and platform updates. By staying informed, they can better craft and implement social media strategies that positively position your brand and support your business.

Campaign Management

Whether it is tweeting, snapping, ‘gramming, blogging, or posting on Facebook, we lay the foundation for each client’s digital footprint by communicating on your behalf on the social networks where your audience lives. And because our social media account executives are well-versed in all online media channels, we build upon that groundwork by executing creative and on-message campaigns that get people talking.

Reputation Management

Our team will ensure that your reputation is great both online and off, as we'll monitor and manage your reputation across all social media channels, including online review websites.

Training & Education

Along with offering our services for managing your social media, through training and education we can also help your employees get the most from social media. We can help with navigating social media, understand the difference between each social platform, and how to effectively communicate using social media to your community and audience. Along with directly training, we can also create in-depth and detailed social media playbooks where we outline social media strategies and explain how to use the platform.

Insights & ROI

We have helped businesses build dynamic online presences, connect with strategic audiences and monitor and track results, as it relates to business growth and brand awareness goals. We build vibrant online presences, connect with strategic audiences and monitor and track results, to ultimately meet the organization’s goals.

Customer Engagement

Connecting you with your audience is only half the battle. If you want to develop a winning social media that makes a difference, you need to interact with the people who pop up on your social media feeds – and do so in a way that makes them feel valued. To ensure that your company doesn’t find its way onto a Buzzfeed or Inc. listicle entitled “Business Behaving Badly on Social Media,” Integrate will help you develop comprehensive plan for talking to people online. We pay specific attention to dealing with customer complaints, so that you address concerns constructively and show all your followers that you care.