Public Relations Services

Be it Mad Men or Samantha Jones, nearly everyone’s heard of PR. But beyond the magic and glamour of television, many aren’t aware of its true value. If done right, PR’s value goes beyond the bottom line and seeps into the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes of those who matter most to an organization. Good PR goes beyond vanity metrics not only to get your company’s name out there, but also to shape opinions, drive profit and boost credibility — all in your favor. At Integrate, we provide everything your organization needs to get your story heard by the people who matter most to your organization.
  • Media Relations

    A great story can take your brand a long way, but a lot goes into making sure that it’s told at the right time, to the right people and through the right channels. That’s where our award-winning team of media gurus comes in.

  • Community Relations

    Bottom line: You’ve gotta have a good relationship with the communities in which you serve. Integrate helps connect your business to the surrounding community in a meaningful, authentic way in which positions you as a dependable, trusted community partner.

  • Key messaging

    Key Messaging

    As an organization, it’s important to have clear, consistent and valuable communication with your stakeholders at all times. That’s where Integrate’s key messaging services come into play. We help you formulate what to say, when to say it and how to say it so that your audience hears, understands and remembers what you’re trying to communicate.

  • Media Training

    As an organization, it’s your responsibility to make sure your message gets across clearly and effectively. A properly trained media spokesperson ensures your message won’t get lost in translation. Integrate can train your people so they’ll never fumble when all eyes are on them.