Public Relations

Connecting Your Story to Develop the Essential Coverage You Need

At Integrate, we value our media relationships and spend countless hours with journalists to cultivate and maintain these solid relations. Our public relations experts are constantly in touch with influential members of the media – whether it’s national, regional, local, traditional, and/or online in scope – and they often reach out when working on relevant pieces. Whether it’s dressing up as a lime to deliver press releases or getting pied in the face on live television, our team is constantly developing new ways to create strategic buzz about our clients where it counts.

We are also available to conduct media trainings for our clients, coordinate and facilitate interviews, and launch projects, all because we believe in going above and beyond so every client receives optimal coverage in the right locations.

Our Team Will:

  • Create press releases, as appropriate
  • Develop highly personalized media pitches around newsworthy topics
  • React to timely local and national stories
  • Coordinate site tours and media interviews
  • Schedule social and business meetings with reporters
  • Deliver creative “media drops” to garner positive attention
  • Develop concise talking points
  • Draft editorial pieces
  • Create press kits
  • Offer extensive, on-site media training and interview preparation

Media Relations

One of Integrate’s core mantras is “Always go beyond the expected to deliver results.” An endless supply of effort goes into our media relations strategies & stellar relationships. With a solid understanding of the fundamentals of media relations, our team of wordsmiths has mastered the art of crafting messages, identifying the right audiences, and securing media placements that reach your target audience when they’re most receptive to your brand.

Influencer Marketing

As traditional media has changed, so have traditional public relations activities. While well-crafted press releases will always have a place in our industry, you can’t deny the rising power of influencers.

Community Relations

As traditional media has changed, so have traditional public relations activities. We no longer focus exclusively on traditional media, instead opting for immediate opportunities by targeting specific events and/or developing relationships with other like-minded businesses. In addition to helping to promote the partnerships you already have in place, we help take these to the next level by adding creative elements to ensure buzz and enhance participation.

Strategic Messaging

In order to properly communicate your message, values, and brand to the world, we need to identify what that message is. We work with you to uncover the key messages that illustrate your unique position and story in your industry. With thorough background research, developing goals, and outlining your upcoming strategic efforts we help refine and nurture your core talking points for media and the community.

Crisis Management

The most important factor in executing seamless communication during a crisis situation is ensuring you have solutions at your disposal well before you need them. We help our clients prepare for the worst by giving them the tools they need to respond to any crisis situation with a strategic and concise plan to keep your public calm and informed.

Event Planning & Strategy

Whether you have an event coming up, or need help planning an event, our skilled team of public relations experts have the knowledge for creating successful events. We can plan your event from beginning to end including details such as catering, rentals, and all the other small things you don’t have to worry about. We also have the media and influencer connections to help ensure your event is well attended.