Integrate Welcomes BriteIdea Marketing Group to the Family

Traditional Media Buying and Planning that Just Works

Media buying, at its core, is the acquisition of advertisement space. We use our expertise to plan and execute media buying campaigns that make sense for your target audience and make sure each buy is fairly priced and will drive results for your business.

Our Approach to Media Buying

Any successful media buy requires strategic planning, confident negotiations, detailed research, calculated arrangements, and awareness of current trends. At Integrate, our media buyers have these traits and more - and a proven track record for success. We'll work closely with your business to learn as much as we can about your audiences and overall expectations.

We combine our industry relationships with both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent efficiently and effectively to garner the most exposure possible to the defined target audience.

A new report [conducted by Nielsen] reveals 90 percent of US travelers have noticed out of home (OOH) advertising in the past month, and 80 percent have noticed OOH ads in the past week...
The Out of Home Advertising Association of America

Integrate’s Media Buying Services

Our most successful campaigns and client relationships are rooted in collaboration. We work closely with you to learn as much as we can about the business objectives, timing, geography, intended target audience, and overall expectations.

Our media team has worked extensively in markets across the country over the past 25 years. Having established relationships with key media vendors ensures that we are getting the best rates, preferred placements, and ample bonus media exposure. Our audience measurement data, buying software, and expertise extend across all media types: digital, social, TV, radio, print, and outdoor.

Our media buying recommendations are driven by a few different factors, including:

  • Media types that resonate best with the target audience
  • Mixing media to best allow messages to build off one another
  • Effectively planning and researching to maximize your budget

We strongly believe in the efficacy of research-based strategies, so we develop a media plan using insights from syndicated data resources such as Scarborough, Nielsen, and IMS planning tools.

Our team partners with vendors to educate and engage them in your business initiatives. We request detailed proposals, and through these partnerships, we negotiate the industry-standard data resources that they use to place value on their advertising rates. We set high expectations with our vendors, but also forge positive working relationships with them. They work hard for us because they respect and value our partnership and our clients.

Once we’ve negotiated a fair price, we determine and implement media schedules – but our work doesn’t stop. Integrate continuously monitors, optimizes accordingly, and audits the media buys to ensure that the schedules deliver the exposure that we negotiated. If schedules under-deliver, we negotiate makegoods or credits so that we only pay for the exposure that was delivered.

We are detail-oriented and extremely skilled at managing a campaign so that our clients believe it was easy breezy. We plan, execute, and steward each campaign from start to finish. Additionally, we manage your budgets as though they are our own. Throughout the campaign, we make sure that vendor invoices are audited and paid promptly, while also negotiating effective makegoods. When the campaign is complete, we provide a comprehensive wrap-up.

Your Media Buying Team

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your day-to-day contact.

  • Account Coordinator

    The boots on the ground. Your buyer.

  • Data & Insights Analyst

    The tracker. Your performance pundit.

Oh, and did we mention that our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Digital will be overseeing the account, too?

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