Integrate Welcomes BriteIdea Marketing Group to the Family

Reach Customers Near You with Local Marketing

Local search is crucial for any business with a geographic-specific presence. The local marketing experts at Integrate will help you reach new customers, reconnect with old ones, and build a loyal audience that strengthens your brand.

Our Integrated Approach to Local Marketing

At Integrate, we employ our complete collection of marketing strategies and tactics:

  • Verify and claim business listings through local websites and feeds
  • Optimize information, such as descriptions, hours, history, features, check-in offers, business categories, and services offered, so that your business can be found more easily
  • Monitor reviews, respond to comments, and other forms of reputation management
  • Run local ad campaigns to target likely buyers
  • Manage local deals and promotions to drive traffic and sales
  • Manage businesses with multiple locations
  • Provide insights to specific local marketing initiatives, such as calls, directions requisitions, time-of-day stats, and more

Local Marketing Services

Here are some prime examples of local marketing services that could help optimize and boost your company’s online presence.

  • Yelp

    Yelp connects local customers to local businesses by providing an advertising medium and a customer feedback platform through reviews, requesting quotes, and more. To fully optimize success on Yelp, your offers, content, call to actions, and ads must be monitored and managed on a continual basis.

  • Google My Business (GMB)

    GMB allows local customers to connect with local businesses across Google Search and Google Maps. Optimizing your GMB listing makes your business more visible to potential customers who are looking for what you offer.

    Google makes frequent changes to ensure they own the user experience, which is evident in how the Google My Business cards dominate the right column in search results. That information essentially acts as a homepage for your business, but without people actually leaving Google to visit your website.

    We can help you create specific GMB ad campaigns that work in conjunction with your GMB listing.

  • Directory Listings

    The old-school Yellow Pages has been recreated, and your business can take advantage. While Yelp and GMB are Internet-wide versions of local listings, both industry- and region-specific listings also exist. Integrate will shepherd you through the process of ensuring your business is in all the right places online.

  • Nextdoor

    Originally a walled garden where only residents could chat with each other about their neighborhood, Nextdoor now allows interaction with relevant businesses. If you have a location tied to a specific area, you can start advertising on Nextdoor to garner crucial foot traffic.

  • Bing Places

    Bing Places for Business is Microsoft’s equivalent of Google My Business, and it displays results via mobile and desktop searches on Bing Local. While it’s a smaller opportunity due to lower traffic, Bing Places is still a major player in the local search landscape.

  • Apple Maps Connect

    Due to high iPhone (thus Apple Maps) usage, maintaining proper business information via Apple Maps Connect is crucial for driving your customers to the correct brick and mortar addresses.

You have to attract prospects who are close enough to literally walk into your shop or close enough for you to visit to provide service.
Small Business Administration, 2017

Your Local Marketing Team

Now, who’s going to get all of this done? Let us introduce your Integrate warriors who will go above and beyond to help grow your business:

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your day-to-day contact.

  • Marketing Analyst

    The boots on the ground. Your trooper.

  • SEO Analyst

    The tracker. Your performance pundit.

Oh, and did we mention that our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Digital will be overseeing the account, too?

Related Services

Bottom line: Integrate helps businesses get where they want to go. Thanks to our integrated approach, you have the freedom of selecting which of our services are most useful for meeting your business goals! Whether that’s PPC and SEO or PR and social media, our experts can provide a creative, integrated solution completely customized for your needs.