Integrate Welcomes BriteIdea Marketing Group to the Family

Masterful Influencer Marketing with Real Business Results

Influencers are nothing new, but in today’s world of clicks, likes and shares, tons of brands are tapping into their power to shape minds and engage audiences. At Integrate, we'll find influencers who are in-touch with your target audiences to get your brand out there, build credibility and boost sales.

Our Winning Marketing Methodology

Before anything, we take time to understand your business goals. We then find key trendsetters within social media who complement your product or service — both in terms of aesthetic and audience. Influencers have got to love your brand just as much as you do!

We handle all aspects of your influencer marketing experience, from identifying influencers and coordinating services to establishing lasting relationships and analyzing the results of each campaign. We won’t rest until we reap the fruits of our labor.

The Different Ways We Leverage Influencers to Get Results

There are tons of different influencers out there, from mega gamers to YouTube glamazons. But all influencers boil down to three different types: macro, micro and nano-influencers.

Each have differing benefits, and we use our knowledge and experience to perfectly match your brand to an influencer who can help achieve your goals. Not only must they match your business goals and target audience, but they also must like your product or service. Authenticity is key, and Integrate’s the ideal matchmaker.

Once we confirm a partnership, we’ll then coordinate with them to ensure your goals are met, whether that’s sales specific, growing your audience base, building trust—or all three!

Integrate began as a social media and PR agency, and 10+ years later we’re still leading the pack in all things social and PR—including influencer relations throughout the Houston-Austin regions.

We’re not in this for vanity metrics—we’re data-driven marketers at heart who understand the business interests of our clients. We’ve already cut our teeth in the social media game and have proven our worth tenfold.

Where’s the proof? Just take a look at our case studies below.

Businesses earn $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencers with the top 13% earning $20 or even more
Digital Marketing Institute, United States 2019

Your Influencer Marketing Team

From your account contact to the boots on the ground, here’s the Integrate team that’ll get the job done.

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your day-to-day contact.

  • Public Relations Account Executive

    The expert. Your marketing guru.

  • Social Media Specialist

    The boots on the ground. Your poster.

  • Data & Insights Analyst

    The tracker. Your performance pundit.

Additionally, our Chief Marketing Officer will oversee activity of your account to guarantee that we exceed your expectations.

Case Studies

Influencer marketing and social media can combine to have a powerful impact on your brand. Read more about how we helped others in the case studies section of our website.

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