Digital Marketing

Using Data and Design to Reach Your Audience

Integrate partners with our clients to determine the right audience, budget, and digital channels to maximize return on investment for all marketing spends. We utilize a data-driven approach to deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right places for optimal results. From designing conversion focused campaign landing pages that meet your visitors’ intent to geo-targeted display and social media ads, we take a highly sophisticated approach to managing your digital marketing campaign.

Our approach includes tactics like:

  • User experience tailored to target audience
  • Design and content tailored for online conversion such as ecommerce
  • Mobile first design
  • Optimization for Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
  • Content creation and development
  • Modern graphic design
  • Analytics to improve your online presence

Web Design

All Integrate-designed websites are optimized for mobile, SEO, and paid media on fully-customized templates. We don’t just take a popular WordPress theme and add your colors to it, we create fully customized templates for our clients based on their unique needs for their business. We build powerful, conversion-focused and results-driven websites that serve as a foundation for your business, your brand and all your marketing efforts. We can also integrate with any content management system you already have or build you a new CMS.


Our conversion and web teams understand that users behave differently depending on their intent. Our website design is persona-driven design, focusing on delivering the right content to the right user, at the right time. We create a website that’s easy for your customers to use while remaining highly converting.

Paid Media

Integrate will work with you to determine the best strategy for paid media budgeted spend, tactics, and channels. These can include pay-per-click advertising through search engines, paid advertising through social media channels, re-targeting campaigns, display advertising, native advertising, partnerships, and other online tactics.


The Integrate team’s extensive experience in site design, user experience, and content development informs our approach to Search Engine Optimization. We know what’s relevant for search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) and keep up to date with the constant changes that could affect your ranking. We also know how site design can influence and inform how your page is judged, which means we can give you a sophisticated level of insight into the SEO performance of your website.


Integrate utilizes a variety of best-in-class tools to ensure that we are marketing to the audiences with the highest likelihood of seeking out your product. We never create content just for the sake of creating content. Our content team creates content based on queries both at the beginning and end of the customer journey. We create meaningful content for our clients and their customers to help them become leaders in their industries.


Integrate has decades of experience building powerful websites that are built for conversion. Our design philosophy is built around not making the customer think, having clear calls to action, and reducing distractions that are barriers to conversion (such as long forms). Using robust analytics, we can focus our design and content elements onto multiple online buyer personas in a way that pushes them through the shopping funnel. To ensure the efficacy of our design and tactics, we also employ the most current and rigorous tools available, including heat mapping, multivariate testing, and A/B testing.


Email remains one of the most effective ways for brands to stay connected with their audience and it delivers excellent bang for the buck (a recent study showed an average of 122% ROI). At Integrate, our team has sent millions of marketing e-mails for our clients over the years, so we know what works and how to ensure a strong open rate. Whether you want to grow your subscriber list, send limited time offers and promotions, or win back customers with retargeting campaigns, we develop e-mail messaging that is specific to your goals.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designer and photographer works closely with client teams on brainstorms, strategies and campaigns to ensure that the corresponding multimedia helps us reach the client’s goals. If our team doesn’t have the right skillset or expertise to develop the graphic design needs to complement our marketing strategies, we will bring in the right team to fulfill expectations.