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Crisis Management and Communication Services

In a crisis, there’s more than just your reputation at stake — your bottom line can take a direct impact if you’re not well-prepared and have the tools you need to come out on top. The crisis management experts at Integrate have a proven track record of aiding all types of businesses wade through tough times.

A Proactive Approach to Crisis & Issues Management

Whether you’re currently in a crisis or preparing your crisis strategy for when the time comes, one thing remains constant amidst the chaos of crises: a solid plan.

Our associates will work with you to identify the risks now and potential risks down the line, including:

  • Establishing the chain of communication amongst your stakeholders, including employees, investors, vendors, customers, partners and the media
  • Creating a list of critical resource contacts, including spokespeople, legal counsel, government entities and media contacts
  • Drafting talking points for spokespeople
  • Drafting press releases/statements
  • Developing and/or implementing a social media strategy with unique messaging
  • Writing/creating a landing page for your website
  • Creating a pay-per-click campaign for people searching your company online

Planning for the worst is no easy task. We leave no stone unturned, helping you identify every risk in the situation and addressing them all with a clear, integrated plan of attack — one that both quelches the flames and gives life to new opportunities post-crisis.

You need to be prepared for today’s media culture, in which a tweet can become newsworthy and a news interview can become tweet-worthy.
Brad Phillips of Phillips Media Relations, a.k.a Mr. Media Training

4 Steps to Address your Crisis: The Method to Our Madness

Every crisis is different, and not one is similar to another. However, they all share a similar framework and stage pattern, which we have identified and what will be the key to solving your problem.

  • Step 1: We’ll audit your situation and determine how vulnerable your company and reputation is. We’ll identify what happened (or what might happen), why it happened, and what you should do next.
  • Step 2: Based on our research, we’ll create solutions for specific scenarios, or in the case of a current scenario, we’ll work in real-time to provide you with proven, well-thought-out solutions, including talking points, resource lists, flows, stakeholder segmentation, social media and more.
  • Step 3: We’ll make sure everyone knows what to say and understands their role in the success of the plan. This training will further minimize risk and promise that all communications channels and internal resources are being used to the best of their ability.
  • Step 4: In the case of a pre-outlined crisis, our crisis plan will launch into action. In the instance that an unplanned crisis occurs, our team will initiate the proper approval and communication channels to ensure a speedy response.

Finally, once it’s all said and done, we’ll evaluate what worked, what didn’t, how to improve and — perhaps most importantly — answer the question: What do you do now?

Your Dedicated Crisis Management Team

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your immediate point-of-contact.

  • Public Relations Account Executive(s)

    The PR expert. Your media guru.

And did we mention our President and CMO all have 10+ years of PR experience?

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