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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

The e-commerce experts at Integrate Agency have decades of experience designing powerful websites that help businesses across Houston and Austin exceed their sales and business goals.

Performance-Based Design

Our design philosophy is built entirely around making everything simple for your customers by using data to increase your website’s performance and influence consumer decisions. We describe it with these three distinct principles:

  1. Customers shouldn’t have to think.
  2. Create clear calls to action.
  3. Remove all distractions and barriers.

We offer the following services to help your company create a sales-driven website with a high conversion rate:

  • Audience research
  • Persona development
  • Robust analytics
  • Heat mapping
  • Device-agnostic design
  • A/B testing

Whether they know it or not, your customers are implicitly checking to see if you have optimized your website for efficient and seamless online conversion. Our job at Integrate is to create the best possible experience for you and your customers so you can increase your conversion rate, and thus, your sales.

What Exactly is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of creating a user experience that converts the maximum number of visitors into customers. Specifically, it should not be considered a single event that occurs isolated in time. Instead, it’s an ongoing optimization process using data accumulated over time.

This has become especially pertinent in the smartphone era. Gone are the days where most of your customers enter the top of the sales funnel and smoothly progress through to the sale, thanks to some general customer education and targeted attention from sales representatives.

Customers in the 21st century pursue self-education through a variety of means and mediums. This means they can enter and exit your sales funnel at several different locations. Industry research reveals that over 90% of consumers will visit your website for the first time just to look at it. They want to see that you’ve created a site they want to interact with in the future.

Integrate's Approach to CRO

Thus, despite all the excellent books and blog posts written about the topic, conversion rate optimization for an e-commerce site can be boiled down to this concept:

Do whatever it takes to get visitors to your website to choose your product instead of your competitors’.

That’s it. It’s about getting people to make a decision in your favor. And we think we’ve come up with a pretty good model for accomplishing this for our clients.

Functionality & Usability Analysis

When we say “your customers shouldn’t think” when they visit your site, what we mean is your site should be set up in a way where people naturally and organically interact with your site and sales material. If a customer has to actively wonder “How do I order a product?” or “Where can I learn more about this product?” when looking at your site, then you’ve failed.

To aid your audience in making the right choices without too much effort on their part, we encourage everyone to address the following issues with their site:

  • Improve site speed
  • Remove broken links
  • Add a clear value proposition
  • Streamline navigation
  • Address differences in mobile vs desktop design
  • Make your content readability

Once your website works effectively, it’s time to design and arrange your content in ways that appeal to your core audience and drive sales.

Persona-Driven Design

Integrate builds conversion-centric websites using consumer psychology. A unique concept to most, this means we create a website and conversion cycle that appeals to multiple types of online buyers in a way that encourages each of them through the sales funnel.

A critical piece of successful CRO is designing an experience that categorizes psychology, human behaviors, and persuasion techniques into online buyer persona types. We craft personas by first determining whether a buyer uses emotion versus logic to make decisions and then analyzing the pace at which those decisions are made. We then layer in different content and design elements that speak to several buyer personas who might be part of your audience.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Process

  • 1. Establish Goals for Your Website

    • What makes you different?
    • What are the benefits?
  • 2. Functionality Enhancements

    • Make it easy to use on the phone and desktop.
    • Ensure it works for people and search engines.
    • Give people a specific action to complete.
    • Don’t make them think about what to do next.
    • Remove hurdles and friction points from the user experience.
  • 3. Apply Persona-Based Practices

    • Design and message for your target market and their different personalities.
    • Determine how to get your target market to say “yes” – aka get them to click.
  • 4. Test and Optimize

    • Use data analysis to create a testing plan
    • Performs tests to continually improve and evolve the performance of your site.
  • 5. Deliver Detailed Reporting and Insights

    • What went well?
    • What could be improved?
    • How can we optimize further?

Your Conversion Rate Optimization Team

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your day-to-day contact.

  • CRO Expert

    The brains. Your conversion booster.

  • SEO Manager

    The expert. The search guru.

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