Integrate Welcomes BriteIdea Marketing Group to the Family

Content Marketing Strategies that Drive Real Growth

Having content on your website is vital for attracting search engines and visitors. But how you actually use that content is even more important. At Integrate, we believe that effective language and a high-quality content marketing strategy is the heart of digital marketing success!

Integrate's Content Marketing Ethos

Integrate employs our streamlined ARC (audit, research, create) process for all of our content efforts. First, we take a look at your current content to determine what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where the gaps are. Our SEO and content marketing experts then conduct in-depth research to find the key phrases that will target the right audience for your website. Finally, our talented content writers will craft content that builds trust, grows your organic traffic and increases conversions.

At Integrate, we have a team of expert SEO writers who produce keyword-friendly content for your website. We begin by focusing on the searcher’s intent, whether it’s transactional, informational or a combination of both.

From there, Integrate utilizes a variety of best-in-class tools to ensure we market to your true audience with the highest likelihood of seeking out your products or services.

We don’t create content just for the sake of creating content. What we write is based on specific online queries that target various stages of the customer journey. What results is meaningful material that converts your audience into customers and positions you as a leader in your industry.

In digital marketing, content is king! Prospective buyers at every stage want information first and foremost. Therefore, the more valuable the information you provide, the more you will attract new customers.

Thus, you must have content that your customers actually want to read and then share. Integrate bridges the gap between you and your customer by providing high-quality content that advances your business objectives and brand message in a way that speaks to your customers’ needs.

You need smart content that speaks to your customers and search engines. This means it needs to be relevant, engaging, user-searchable, and SEO-friendly. Such content makes your website trustworthy for humans and search engines, which then leads to your website steadily rising in search rankings.

The content marketing strategy we produce for you will deliver astounding results when it works hand-in-hand with everything we offer as a full-service marketing agency.

By focusing on different ways to connect with your customers, we will reach your consumers at every stage of their customer journey. By working as an integrated team to fulfill your goals, we are confident we can help your team and your customers.

"If you're going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort."
The Content Factory

Content Writing Services We Provide

  • Brand and Voice Formulation

    As experts in content marketing, Integrate assists you by writing high-quality content for every phase of your brand development. We’ll deeply examine your brand so we can write, edit, and design content pieces that match your brand’s voice.

  • Content Strategy

    Creating sufficient high-quality content in tandem with an effective content marketing strategy remains one of the biggest challenges for many organizations. Integrate can help you ideate topics that grow your business and write content to optimize your content campaigns.

  • Website Content

    We concentrate on creating scalable content that utilizes the biggest opportunities currently available for your brand. Such an approach will help your website grow, increase conversions, and improve your overall business.

  • Blog Content

    Launching a blog or learning center with search-friendly content accomplishes several business goals. These include increasing your organic search visibility, educating a wide audience, and familiarizing your target audience with your brand, establishing your brand voice, and building loyal customers.

  • Video Scripts

    Video marketing is more prominent than ever before, as storytelling is a powerful art form in content marketing. We act as a video script team for your video projects to help drive your viewers to action.

  • Newsletter and Email Copy

    Email marketing might seem like old-school digital marketing, but it’s still remarkably useful for reaching your target audience. From high-touch email drip campaigns to regular brand newsletters and everything in between, we’ll craft content focused on advancing your leads through your sales funnel as quickly as possible.

  • Creative Copy for Traditional Media

    Looking for experienced writers to draft your social media copy, press releases, ad copy, and/or billboards? Integrate provides high-quality and sustainable copywriting solutions for the content needs of your business.

How Do We Create the Best Content?

Integrate produces content based upon you - your audience, goals, and channels of distribution. Our content marketing approach helps us craft copy that resonates with your customers.

We develop a content strategy to focus on customers at every stage of the buying process. No matter what you’re selling, our content will create brand awareness, educate your potential consumers, and convert them into long-lasting customers.

And it just so happens that this methodology is perfect for attracting the attention of search engines.

Content Marketing Team

Our team has collectively written thousands of content pieces for clients of all forms, fashions, and functions. Whether you want to rank on Google, increase sales, build a lasting customer base, or become an industry leader, we understand what kind of content will work to achieve your business goals.

  • Account Director

    The glue. Your day-to-day contact.

  • SEO Manager

    The expert. The search guru.

  • Content Writer

    The wordsmith. Your content’s voice.

  • Digital Analyst

    The tracker. Your performance pundit.

Additionally, our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Digital will oversee activity of your account to guarantee that we exceed your expectations.

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