Branding & Consultation

Creating a Winning Strategy for Business Success

In our digitally driven world, businesses have access to an immense amount of data, but knowing what to do with it and how to interpret it can seem like an insurmountable task. Our team at Integrate can bring the data relevant to your business to the front and create a strategy with the insights that help you quickly make the right decisions for your business. Our leadership team comes from different business backgrounds and boasts over a decade of experience in helping business succeed. We can help you better understand the ROI of your marketing spend, courtesy of digital marketing tools that enable your team to run more efficiently, as well as customer journey mapping and recommendations for optimization.

Whether we develop a custom dashboard or work with the one you already have, we can show you how to craft a winning story with your data. Our goal is show you how the combination of research, big data, and creative content can point your business in the right direction for growth.

Our expertise includes:

  • Competitive data analysis
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Competitor research
  • Public speaking
  • Audience exploration
  • Business communication
  • Brand leadership
  • Marketing audits
  • Playbook development
Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape

In order to create a strategy that’s going to work, you need to understand what it is your business is up against. We can assess the current state of your industry and how you compare to your competitors. We do the in-depth research to provide competitive data including media activity, social media assessment, SEO and PPC competitive audits, and other activities that may be occurring in your industry.