Integrate Welcomes BriteIdea Marketing Group to the Family

Our Philosophy & Approach

Finally, a Truly Integrated Agency Emerges

Integrate is more than just a name — it’s the entire premise behind our business. For too long, marketing and communications departments have operated separately from one another, often leading to disjointed work, miscommunication and needless drama.

We’re here to forever change that. We believe that marketing is at its best when every marcomms department — from advertising to web design — should have an open line of communication. We’re here to break down communication barriers and finally, truly integrate your marketing.

Digital Marketing

The internet is a big place, so big that it almost feels like throwing a ball into the abyss and hoping it bounces back. At Integrate, our digital marketing services help you hit the mark from the get-go.

No guessing. No spitballing. No hoping your product sticks. Our digital marketers are guided by data, and our team of creatives help your message better connect with your audiences.

Social Media

Today, social media is a big part of how we connect with others. And while we’ll always enjoy a quality face-to-face engagement, Zoom-to-Zoom and ’gram-to-’gram are quickly becoming the more commonplace in society.

At Integrate, we’re as passionate about the likes, comments, and shares as we are the engagement behind them. Our team strives to foster meaningful connections, not just a bowl of data gumbo. But social media is only as good as your…


Branding is so much more than a logo — it’s how your customers experience your business and plays a huge role whether or not they choose to buy in. It’s both an art and a science, blending data and creativity to create an experience your customers will enjoy.

From font styles on your business cards to billboards, we help get your brand seen, heard and out there and into the minds of the public. Speaking of relating to the public…

Public Relations

Public relations makes or breaks brands. If done right, PR’s value goes beyond the bottom line and seeps into the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes of those who matter most to an organization.

A compelling story can take you far, but knowing how, where and to what people can turn an seemingly boring update into a newsworthy headline. We do that and…

… Pretty Much Everything In Between 😉

Public relations feeds on stories. And content writers craft storylines for a living. You might even see one scrolling through your Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook timeline. If the story’s from a brand, then you can assume they’re tracking that view. Views quickly turn into clicks, which can be retargeted online through display advertising. If they click on your display ad, then they’ll be redirected to your website, which must be top-notch. They might even sign up for your email newsletter while they’re at it!

Who knows, they could become a customer at any or all steps of this process. And it’s this crazy, hectic, sometimes mad cycle of delighting, engaging and attracting customers that gets us going. Now, let’s go!