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Words of Wisdom for PR Students

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College is the perfect time to prepare for your future. From our experience, you have a good amount of free time and aren’t too sure how to spend it productively. While binge watching Netflix sounds like a good choice, you could use that time to get ahead of your peers for the job market! If you’re a student majoring in public relations or another media related field, we’ve got some tips to help you be prepared for your first job out of college. It’s tough to find a job nowadays, but if you get a head start by using your time in college wisely, we think you’ll be in a pretty good position for life post-graduation. Here are some words of wisdom for those of you preparing for your future as a PR professional.

Know The News – This one is pretty easy and we know you can do it. We can’t stress enough how vital it is to be aware of what’s going on in the world. Working in public relations requires you to keep up with the news so that the work you do for your clients is relevant and timely. As a PR professional, it’s part of your job to be the most informed person in the room. Trust us, you don’t want to be clueless when a client wants to know your opinion on current happenings. Here at Wellington Group Marketing & PR we love reading The Skimm before we hit the ground running!

Intern Intern Intern – Intern a lot, and make it a priority to blow your supervisor’s socks off. Make the most of your internships by getting involved in any task your boss will allow. Internships are where you are going to make valuable connections because they’ve seen the work you put out, along with your work ethic. Also, don’t save interning until your last semester. Get started early in college!

Write Well – If we had to choose which tip is most important, this would be it. Working in PR means you will be writing for the greater part of your day. Whether it’s key messages, pitches, emails, blog posts or social media content, you’ve got to be a strong writer. Not sure how to practice your writing? Our advice is to start a blog! Employers will love seeing that you value blogging, but they will also think it’s awesome to see that you spend so much time writing.

Be Smart On Social Media – Alright, it’s time to really clean up your social media persona. Get rid of all the pictures that are the result of a few margaritas too many and make sure you look hireable. Be yourself, but be professional. Trust us, employers are watching.

Learn To Be Nice. Always. – Your clients hire you to cultivate relationships with the media and get their story covered. You can’t accomplish this by being short and unfriendly. When you sign up to work in PR, you sign up for the duty of being nice at all times. You know how you get annoyed with your parents? Practice being nice to them so by the time you land a job, you have mastered the art of being friendly and patient, even when it’s tough.

Apply For Jobs You’re Underqualified For – After graduation you are going to find yourself reading job descriptions that you know you aren’t yet qualified for. We advise you go ahead and apply for those jobs that are just out of your experience level. If they really like you, they could possibly create a position for you. This is how our awesome Account Coordinator, Sarah, landed her first job out of college here at Wellington Group Marketing & Public Relations. She’s proof that shooting for the moon instead of the stars can totally work!

What advice would you have for current PR students? Leave us a comment below!