September 25, 2013 By blogging

Why Yes, We Do Tweet and Facebook All Day

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We have a bone to pick with some of our friends and loved ones, and we’re going to address it.  As awesome souls and individuals who work in a social media/public relations firm setting, we constantly get asked the one question that just rubs us the wrong way: “So, you basically tweet and Facebook all day?”

This question can instantly turn our faces from happy to this at the family reunion dinner table:

It’s not like it’s a bad question, but the way that we are asked almost always sounds like what we do is not much—truth is, it’s a lot, especially to businesses. 

To our clients we are rock stars, because taking the pressure of handling their copious amounts of social media accounts is a relief.  Not only do our tweets and Facebook posts give our clients a presence on social media, but it also increases their consumer brand loyalty.  Would you go to a restaurant or establishment that you can’t instantly check into on Facebook, etc.?  Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

The fact that we deal with fussy complaints/customers is also a huge plus to them—because let’s face it; we all immediately go to social media when we want to complain about an issue.

We always have to be on top of the latest trends in social media, to make sure that our clients are trendsetters as well.  We are always interacting with YOU, the consumer, to make sure you remember our clients and visit them again.  Not to mention the ever-changing “social media vocabulary” we have to keep up with, to always stay on top. (Which we’re not complaining about, because it makes us feel really cool.)

So, yes we do tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all day—but it’s so much more, and so much cooler than you can imagine.  

Written by: Carlos Villa