January 30, 2014 By blogging

Who Cares About Bieber Anyway?

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I’ve never been one to follow what’s going on with celebrities and the pop culture scene too closely.  In fact, when my friends or co-workers bring People Magazine or US Weekly to our mani/pedi dates or into the office, I don’t recognize more than 50% of the “celebs” that span the pages.  While I am shamefully addicted to awful reality TV shows (don’t lie – I know you love The Bachelor and Keeping up with the Kardashians, also), I always seem to be the last to know about what’s going on with the Miley’s and Britney’s of the world…and I’m more than okay with this.  In fact, I’d prefer not to know these things.

Which is why on January 23rd, I was more than frustrated to see that not only my Facebook and Twitter feeds were overrun with the news of Justin Bieber’s arrest, but stations like CNN, were also covering the drama.  Was I the only one who felt that Bieber’s life was not only totally insignificant but also something that did not deserve to be considered “breaking news” by sources that I once considered “hard-hitting” and reputable? The answer is yes and no.

On the one hand, hundreds of my Facebook friends (and who knows, it could have been more) were posting about it, enjoying the story and spreading it like wildfire. It made me a little bit sick.  My first reaction was: really, this is how you spend your days interacting with those you consider friends or, even, acquaintances on social media? I still feel that way, but I was shocked to see that my response to this, that came in the form of the following Facebook rant, which I take pride in rarely posting, was that others found the discussion of Bieber just as irritating and idiotic.

I wondered, if so many people took such joy in posting about celebrity shenanigans, then why did so many of my followers and friends seem to relate to my obvious complaining about the situation? Is it because Facebook rants encourage engagement? Is it because Americans, and especially intelligent ones, are just as frustrated with this type of news? Is it because I’m not posting frequently enough? I’m still unsure.  On the one hand, my Facebook friends loved seeing the happy and exciting news of my engagement, but on the other hand, over 100 of my friends showed their support for my annoyance by “liking” this news, and several went as far as to leave their own comment.

While I typically dislike those who turn to Facebook as a platform to complain, rant and rage, I certainly recognize that it is, in fact, a terrific platform to find support and to learn that maybe, just maybe, others find what’s going on in the world just as strange and troubling as you do at times.  My assumption? People are dying for celebrities to fail, but are just as irritated by the attention they receive as I am and my friends are more than willing to be open about this publicly.

Why do you think my Bieber Facebook rant received so much love? Share your thoughts with us!