September 2, 2015 By integrate

What I REALLY think, Google.

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Oh Google. You’ve done it again. Gone and changed your logo to keep up with today’s design “trends.”  You aren’t the first household name to give your logo a facelift, and you definitely won’t be the last. The real question is though, are the modifications you’ve made to your logo an accurate representation of what your product stands for? Here is my personal (and highly opinionated) list of pros and cons for your logo “modernization.”

The new typeface

Pro. You are clearly trying to keep up with current design trends by upgrading your classic serif typeface to a sans serif one. While I am a sucker for a fancy serif “g,” I do appreciate the fact that you have taken into consideration that serif logos are simply out of style (until they aren’t anymore).

Con. The sans serif typeface that they selected is fine, UNTIL it is combined with Google’s color scheme. Once the two are used in unison, the new logo goes from being trendy, to looking like a logo for a child’s clothing store.

The color scheme

Pro. Google has had the same color scheme since day 1. When the public sees that blue/red/yellow/green color combo, they associate it WITH Google. It adds just the right amount of brand recognition to the logo.

Con. The color scheme wasn’t awe-inspiring to begin with. Yes, Google was founded in the 90s, and yes, these colors would have been stylish back then. But here in 2015, they are simply juvenile. I mean, I’m not the only one who associates this color palette with a child’s building blocks, am I?

The presentation of your new look

Pro. Like anyone who has ever gone to, I have come to expect detailed, creative illustrations and animations on the homepage. I appreciate that you used this feature to unveil your new logo. I loved watching the original logo get wiped away to reveal the new one. It was a nice touch, and definitely an attention getter.

Con. None. You really pulled off the presentation quite nicely.

Okay, so I clearly have a love-hate relationship with your new logo, Google. I know you are simply trying to stay relevant in a world full of search engines, but lets be honest, no one says “I’ll just bing it.” So keep on keepin’ on, and I’ll just continue to love (hate) your new look.

Written By Caitlyn Kaczmarek