December 12, 2013 By blogging

WestJet Brings Holiday Joy

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Over the last few days, there is one video our office has been watching, sharing and watching again. WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video is a treat that fills us with the holiday spirit from head to toe. We don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to watch it yourself (which, if you have been on the internet at all the last few days, you probably already have).

Before you saw this video, did you have any idea who WestJet was? We didn’t, but its Christmas Miracle stunt has bumped it up to our favorite Canadian airline. So how did this campaign turn an airline into an over-night sensation?

For starters, with unpredictable weather and cranky passengers, we tend to hear only about terrible experiences, rude people, lost luggage and endless flight delays. But here we have a wonderful story about how an airline wanted to give its passengers a holiday to remember.

Secondly, there is an element of surprise for the passengers. We know what’s going on and can’t wait to see the real, emotional reactions of every person on that flight, especially the children as they realize that Santa was able to find them, even at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

From a more strategic standpoint, SocialMediaToday points out that WestJet could have done something much smaller for far more passengers, like given out cards and candy canes, and people would have appreciated it. Instead, it chose an out-of-the box, surprising campaign that reached a smaller audience, but on a bigger scale, and required way more effort than candy canes. The reach is achieved through the video, which, given that the video has been viewed 13 million times, has probably resulted in a just few loyal customers for the airline.

An incredibly original and well-executed campaign, WestJet not only touched the lives of its passengers, but also spread the love to millions of others. The Grinch’s heart even grew a few sizes.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the WestJet Christmas Miracle video. How have you seen the holiday sprit come alive? Share your comments and stories with us on Twitter and Facebook!