July 14, 2014 By admin

We’re Hiring!

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Spruce up your resumes because we're looking for a public relations and social media intern for the fall 2014 semester. This is a paid internship opportunity and has a minimum commitment of 15 hours/week. 

The core of what we do is and always will be strategic communications but as trends and new tools emerge, we are changing with the times. We are in need of a PR and social media intern to help us tell our stories better through online and offline platforms. We are looking for someone with some PR or social media experience in a job setting.

This intern can expect to learn… the interesting “integration” of PR, social media and marketing from the pros! We are a PR and social media agency of 14 people and are happy to get scrappy when we need to. Interns have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with our clients and projects we are working on. This position will have the opportunity to work with over 8 clients and one dedicated client teamm. This is a great opportunity for a budding PR rockstar looking to get a lot of hands on experience, and hopefully teach us a thing or two!

Ideal Candidates Are:

Interested in joining an awesome group of #IPRockstars? Then send your resumes, writing samples and cover letters to jobs@integratepr.com!