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We Want Your Two Cents about the Alamo Drafthouse

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Are you really excited for the new Alamo Drafthouse opening in Houston? Here’s a little tidbit from one of our friends who works at Sundance Cinemas downtown:

“Movie theaters within five miles of each other can not show the same films. So, if River Oaks theater shows a certain picture, Sundance can’t, and vice versa. Alamo Midtown is within 5 miles of Sundance, River Oaks Theatre, and Edwards Cinemas, which ultimately means that for indie fare, Alamo, Sundance and River Oaks will all be fighting over films. This is honestly not a bad thing – this city needs more indie features coming through for longer. However, Alamo Drafthouse has their work cut out for them since they will be fighting against both Sundance and Edwards for films.”

Will the healthy competition be a good thing for Houston? Do you think we will get a wider selection of movies faster, or will this prove to be a poor move for Alamo Drafthouse? Post your comments below!