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Videos for Your Business

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Videos can add a dynamic view into your business by giving insight into products or showcasing exclusive techniques. Know the best way to grill a steak? Want to show off your new clothing line? Video is the way to go, especially in this increasingly digital world.

Need some convincing? Let me throw some statistics at you. In 2016, online video will count for an estimated 55 percent of consumer Internet traffic. People watch more than 4 billion hours of videos on YouTube alone. And approximately 52 percent of consumers say they are more confident in online purchases after watching product videos.

Convinced yet? If you are, here are a few different types of videos to show off your business:


Show off your knowledge

This is your business – you know the most about it! So show that knowledge off in tutorials. Jonathan Levine, owner and executive chef of Jonathan’s The Rub, shows us how to make his delicious Chicken and Waffles. Jonathan easily and quickly walks us through his recipe, giving us a quick look into what makes his dish special. He literally leaves the audience hungry for more.

Or you can share your history or values in an “about” video, like Apple’s “Inclusion Inspires Innovation” video. Apple knows that their diverse employees are the heart of their company, so they also put them at the center of this video. Putting a face (or many faces) to a brand or product can help make connections with the audience.


Demonstrate your product

Demonstration videos are especially key for online buying. People will want to see how your product works or what clothes look like beyond just a few photos. Home Depot made a series of short videos to show users how the new Home Depot app could help them in store and online. These videos easily show the app in use and where to find different, handy features.


Behind the scenes

People love to know what goes on behind the scenes. By giving your audience a sneak peak, they feel more in touch with your business or brand. San Diego Magazine showed its readers the Best Restaurants of 2015 photo shoot. Hearing the editor rave about the restaurants and the food makes the viewer more likely to get excited too.


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Written By Alexandra Constantinou