July 5, 2012 By blogging

Using Your Voice Wisely

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While just about any person can speak on just about any topic with the right preparation, a lesson that is truly important to learn in order to become a great and effective speaker, is using your voice appropriately. In one of our favorite Ragan’s PR Daily articles, we learn that Jackie Kennedy Onassis, was able to leverage her voice to support her causes – and the importance of wisely selecting when to use that voice. While her name was widely known around the world, the fact that she did not attach herself to every cause available truly showed her PR prowess.

Over the past weekend in Houston, Danny Glover met with a delegation of Houston janitors at the Third Ward Multi-Service Center to talk about fair wages for workers cleaning offices in some of the city’s largest companies. Glover is a noted civil and social rights activist, and although he may have a few past campaigns under his belt, the fact that he positioned himself to be an authority on civil and social issues, gives him clout when undertaking the cause of a new organization.

At Integrate Public Relations, one of the most important things that we do is help clients find their voice. Sure, we are communicating their voice on social media channels, but additionally, we help our clients find their brand and what that means in how they interact with their publics. In some cases, that means selecting only one charity to work with instead 50, thus avoiding the dilution of your overall message. Whatever the case may be, the team at Integrate believes in finding each business’ individual voice and making that voice heard. We love when we see other Houstonians that share our same ideologies!