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Understanding Snapchat for Business

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At Integrate, we’re experts at utilizing social media to grow and generate new business for our clients. Most of the world’s biggest brands are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach consumers. What’s the newest social media platform that businesses, including our clients, are taking advantage of? A phone app, Snapchat.

So what is Snapchat?

Constant Contact defines Snapchat as “a mobile messaging application used to share photos or videos that only last for a brief amount of time.” When you receive a photo or video on Snapchat it will only show for the allotted amount of time (1 – 10 seconds, depending on what the sender chooses), and then the image disappears.

How can something that disappears be good for businesses? For starters, Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks today. There are an estimated 200 million users who are sending 400 million snaps per day. Small Business Trends offers a breakdown of Snapchat users

Small Business Trends and Ad Chief both state that 58% of college students would buy a product if they received a coupon for it on Snapchat. More than half! And only 1% of all Snapchat accounts are businesses and marketers.

So, what does a business need to do to break into this new market? Just create a Snapchat account!

~ First, download the Snapchat app. The account will need a unique username, and we agree with Constant Contact when it comes to your username: “…unique name on Snapchat…will help your followers identify you… you want to ensure that your followers recognize your username and understand who you are.”

~ Once the username is created and accepted, Snapchat will guide the user through verifying the account, either by phone number or completing a visual test.

~ The final step in creating a Snapchat account is adjusting the settings to the desired choices. Some businesses choose to only let their followers see what’s being posted on the account. Other businesses let their followers send snaps and messages back. It’s up to the Snapchat user, who often makes the choice based on the level of interaction they’d like and feel they can manage! Once the account has been verified and the settings have been chosen, get ready to start snapping!

While the percentage of businesses and brands using Snapchat is small, the amount of people following can be huge. The NBA has used Snapchat to provide fans with a unique behind the scenes look at its yearly draft. This decision came after the success the league had using Snapchat in the 2014 NBA Finals, per WSJ. According to Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, NBA Senior Vice President of Digital Media, the account received “hundreds of thousands of views” during the finals. The 2015 GOP debate also found success on Snapchat. According to the Daily Dot, almost twice as many 18 – 24 year olds watched the debate via the Snapchat Live Story than TV. Since these events, Snapchat has only grown!


So, how can you capture followers on your new account? We’re here to help!


1. Introduce the brand and the team, by using a photo or video snap. This is ideal to put a face with the brand.


2. Post work in progress snaps and videos. This will allow followers to feel like they are part of the process. Many artists use Snapchat to promote their newest work. A good example is actor Chris Pratt’s Snapchat account, as he is always updating his story with videos and photos from his newest films.


3. Host Q & A sessions. Respond to questions with a video snap, giving customers a sense of a one-on-one relationship. “Snapchat is an ideal social media platform for building customer loyalty and being constant direct communication with your prospects.”


4. Send out coupons. Send a snap showing a discount code that will disappear after a few seconds. This will help to gain followers’ attention throughout the day, as they can check for the newest coupon, discount or perk.


5. Let people see behind the scenes by posting snaps and videos of what’s going on in the background. People are curious about the companies and brands they’re engaging with.


Good luck and happy snapping! Be sure to follow us on Snapchat (IntegrateTeam), and keep checking the Back 9 blog for the latest.